12 Ways to Get the Industrial Search for Less

In the original converted old factories and warehouses which caught the eye of artists and designers looking for more affordable rents, to the sleek contemporary lofts, industrial style has caught on and stuck. It is more popular than ever and shows no signs of going anywhere — and naturally, with popularity comes a higher price tag. However, you don’t need to spend a fortune to have the appearance. With a little bit of creativity and persistence, you are able to pull together genuine finds, DIY projects and budget bits to present your mat cool industrial fashion. Here are 12 strategies to bring a bit or a great deal of industrial style to your home for less.

Lucy Call

1. Sawhorse as clothing rack. The industrial appearance is all about utility — and what might be more functional than a sawhorse? Pick up one of these at the hardware store, down it in your bedroom and toss that set of Levi’s over it instead of in a heap on the floor.

Gaile Guevara

2. DIY modern photo display. Utilizing cable and horn cleats (like they use on ships) or mounts, create your own distinctive display space for your favorite photos — white and black, naturally.

Marco Polo Imports

3. Shop the army-navy surplus shop. Pick up real-deal army blankets, trunks and tin plates to the kitchen at bargain costs at your local surplus shop. Rough wool blankets are superwarm and hard, and they look fantastic on beds, on sofas or simply stacked on a shelf. Browse through your local shop with a watch to repurposing — you never know what treasure you could unearth.

The Desalpes Company

4. Turn a military blanket into a pillow. Old army blankets holes in them may be frequently be seen at a discounted price — simply cut off the unusable part and sew the fantastic part into a new pillow cover. You might also use parts of wool blankets to cover a seat cushion in an armchair or a couch.

Moger Mehrhof Architects

5. Move thrifting for metal seats. Metalwood, or metal and wood, chairs can deliver an industrial vibe into any area. These are fantastic pieces to hunt for in thrift stores and in the yard sales, since (unlike with upholstered pieces) you do not need to worry about concealed mold or bugs.

FJ Interior Design

6. Paint it black. Paint anything black for an instant industrial upgrade. Paint the foundation of an old claw-foot bathtub, your trimming, the radiators, picture frames — actually, the sky is your limit.

Gaile Guevara

7. Dip paint something black. Strong black a modest ho-hum? Try dip painting instead. Unless you’re painting a small thing, like the use of a wooden spoon, then you might actually wish to tape off the part you would like to keep paint loose (or use a rubber band), and utilize a brush-on or spray paint to coat the rest, instead of dipping the item in paint. I really like the combination of rustic old wood along with a lick of black paint, as with all the stump shown here. Seat and table legs are another natural choice for dip painting.

Julie Ranee Photography

8. DIY pipe bookcases. Pipe fittings and wood planks from the hardware shop could be transformed to a rustic industrial shelving unit in as little time for a weekend.

How to make an industrial-style shelving unit

Chris Pardo Design – Elemental Architecture

9. Put great big casters on an old table. Oversize casters and other wheels are hallmarks of their industrial appearance. Why don’t you place an old wooden coffee table on casters instead of spending an opportunity to buy a new dining table? If you’re feeling particularly tricky, I bet you could make something quite awesome with a reclaimed wood plank top, pipe fittings and classic wheels.

Lucy Call

10. Hang an American flag. Raw, bare concrete floors and white walls bring the American flag into industrial territory. The flag makes a big announcement, so depart the surrounding walls clean for maximum effect. And also to display it correctly, be sure to hang it with all the celebrities on the upper left.


11. Galvanized culvert as planter. Search Craigslist to get a freebie culvert segment — if it’s too big, you are able to pay to get it trimmed to your specifications. These perform as is outside, but if you added a bottom and complete the top edge they would make amazing planters inside the house.

Gaile Guevara

12. Stick with a palette that is black and gray. One of the easiest methods to master this appearance is by limiting your decoration to a fairly strict palette of black, white and gray, with some natural wood thrown (the more worn, the greater). Shop budget-friendly shops for beds, bedding, pillows, towels and much more, in colors of grey, white and black — solid colors like these generally look great at any price point, so why spend more?

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