How to Move a Clawfoot Tub

Renovating your bathroom usually needs relocating a clawfoot tub before the work is completed, then placing it back. In the event that you are setting up a ground that is new or tiling a wall alongside the tub, you will need to transfer the tub from the way of the function. Needless to say, when it’s first obtained, you must move the tub to the area. No matter your requirements, shifting a clawfoot tub is less likely to need expert help than tubs and easier.

Shut off the water-supply to the tub or the water principal if you’re perhaps not capable to gain access to the tub offer.

Loosen the faucet spout with the adjustable wrench, then carry on before the spout comes entirely off, turning together with your hand. The faucet knobs. Knobs need an Allen wrench or Phillips- . Unscrew the overflow and drain pipes using the wrench. Set all faucet and drain assembly parts apart.

Disconnect the drain assembly by unscrewing the drain plug and after that turning the cross-piece in a counter-clockwise direction. Clean out any debris. Use an old rag to eliminate any moisture close to the pipes.

Unscrew the toes in the tub. Transport them individually in the tub. Replace the protecting coasters on the base of the toes if none were present, or install them.

Take the bathroom door down. Tap the pins in the assembly using a hammer and screwdriver to dislodge them. Remove the pins, simply take the door from the body and set it apart.

Place the tub like a furniture dolly, on a system, to transfer it. Use a ramp to improve the tub over tiny flights of stairs or entry ways that are elevated. Enlist somebody to assist you shift the tub down or up stairs. Either way, flip the tub onto its facet to to move it through stairwells or limited doorways.

Reinstall the toes. Turn over the tub and set it about the flooring in the new area. Check the tub to generate sure it’s le Vel. Till it’s if maybe not, install furniture cups beneath the toes.

Connect the over-flow and drain pipes after changing or cleansing any wornout gaskets within the pipes. Connect the the new and coldwater pipes to the inlets on the assembly. Asneeded on each joint use plumbers tape. Screw on the faucet spout.

Turn on the water provide and check the drain and faucet assemblies. Run several inches of water to the bath-tub, then enable it to drain. Rub the pipe connections to the over-flow, drain and faucet assemblies having a rag. Check the rag to ensure no moisture has been acquired by it.

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