Mustard Yellow Offers a Taste for Rooms

There was a time when mustard yellow was one of these colours that sprucing up Brady Bunch nightmares, similar to burnt orange and avocado green. Thankfully, we’ve come to our senses since then, and mustard has gone from obsolete to dashing. Yellow can be a tricky color to use, but the browns in mustard make it a little easier to approach. Need proof? Just examine the varied personalities that mustard happens under.

Muted. Deep grey retains a mustard coverlet and pillows in check, preserving this bedroom’s quiet air.

Lizette Marie Interior Design

Glam. Mustard-yellow tile provides a swanky top note to a sophisticated bath. The effect has more mystique than white could provide.

Strong. To pull off a yellow sofa, you will need a space with enough moxie to stand until the effect. This picture scheme rises to the challenge .

Lisa Hallett Taylor

Mod. Deep mustard yellow, a classic midcentury colour, perfectly matches the aesthetic attitude of this dwelling area and reflects the gold flooring colour.

Austin Patterson Disston Architects

Elegant. Subtle mustard on the island lightens the banks of black cabinetry also elevates the texture of this kitchen.

Michael Sisti

Cheery. This yellowish door just beams, drawing people right in.

Klang & Associates

Eclectic. It’s hard to envision another wall colour that would seem as fitting as mustard does in this informal, collected bedroom. It’s just offbeat enough to encourage the gallery wall and panoply of layouts.

Leona Mozes Photography

Formal. Mustard reveals its traditional side in this gracious dining room. Woods with undertones look all the richer against it.

In the mood for mustard? Try one of the paint picks below.

Serena & Lily

Dandelion Wall Paint – Gallon – $45

Use this French-inspired yellowish in an area that gets sunlight. Illuminated, it radiates an irresistible glow.

Benjamin Moore Ben Paint, Cork – $35.95

Khaki is bordered on by this Dijon mustard colour. If you like the idea of yellow but aren’t convinced about venturing beyond impartial land, make it your very first step.

Paints Stains And Glazes – $36

Bright, this color and soft would seem pitch perfect.

Benjamin Moore

Goldsmith Paint

The golden notes in this mustard paint give it a glamorous edge.

Benjamin Moore

Hannah Banana Paint

Try this dignified yellowish to set the tone for a study or home office.

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