Report From Dwell on Design 2011

Walking through the expo in the Dwell on Design seminar in Los Angeles June 24, I found lots of tips for improving modern living spaces I wanted to discuss with you. Below are a few of my favourite finds, from outside living innovations and kitchen and bathroom design options to a light that floats like a cloud. (I invite you to see the vendors’ sites to determine their whole product lines. Click on the green links beneath the photos.)

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Kismet Tile

Kismet Tile

These Moroccan cement tiles offer new geometries and daring color choices while adhering to traditional manufacturing methods. It is a union of the best that old and new need to offer. These gorgeous tiles are packed in color, provided in multitudes of shapes and designs, and can be used indoors or out.

Cloud Softlight Pendant

A exceptional lighting pendant made from pleated paper is a weightless, organic shape that floats in your area like a cloud. Like cloud formations, this design works well in a group. The business creates a corresponding distance divider also made of pleated craft newspaper.

Natalie Myers

Wallter Outdoor Post Planters – $92

Powder-coated aluminum pole figurines will liven up your yard with plants that are elevated and bright colors. All these are nothing like your neighbors’ traditional flower beds. How fun will be the orange posts? They also come in hanging and wall mounted styles.

Jory Brigham Design

Quiet Evolution – Jory Brigham

The bench is a composite of white concrete and timber, and functions as both seats and planter. Its mid-century-inspired silouette creates a really modern and sculptural piece that can be placed indoors or out. Versatility, a fresh material combination, and a solid layout are selling points for me.

Colorhouse Paint

Yolo Paints – $22

A lot of us are looking for greener goods to replace those made with toxic chemicals or that emit harmful gases. Yolo paints are a breath of fresh air (pun intended) for the paint marketplace and therefore are conveniently accessible at Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Radius Shop

Radius Design Shop – EUR 299

A modern style steel mailbox with glass front allows you to bring a personal touch outside your front door. You play with designer by choosing the font or by using your own signature.


AL028 Alia Vanity at Contemporary Vanities – $1,790

Lavaca’s product lineup is on the luxury end of this spectrum, but they are always a great inspiration and on the forefront of both edgy and modern bathroom layout.

Take this rounded variant of this wall mounted vanity. It showcases space-saving layout with clever interior engineering of storage compartments (I opened the cabinet doors in the display to watch for myself). Beautiful wood finishes and amazing matching hardware result in unrivaled bathroom components. Check out their rounded bathtubs too.

Unison Home

Sailor + Regatta Navy Duvet – $108

Always on the lookout for new linen collections, I had been attracted to the minimalist picture look of this striped bedding. The reversible duvet alternates between dense, picture sailor stripes and thin regatta stripes. Matching sheets and cases can be found in both layouts. This simple yet bold line of bedding could work well in a lot of bedrooms and styles of furniture.

Napoleon Fireplaces

HD81 See-Thru Gas Fireplace

A stunning translucent gas fireplace that offers warmth, a dance yellow flame, glowing embers, and a remote controller was a mesmerizing and sexy item. I can see many applications for this type of setup in both residential and commercial areas. It is a sexy touch to divisions between public/private or indoor outdoor spaces.

Terriplanty รข Home – $76

Your house does not need to be uber-modern along with your pockets additional heavy to have the ability to bring a little of Dwell on Design into your home. The artful terrariums by LA neighborhood Terri Planty are one-of-a- type whimsical pieces full of beautiful collections of vegetation and miniature people and creatures. Custom work could be commissioned.

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