Tell Us: Do You Understand How to Live With Your Parents?

Last Evening I checked out two mistresses of Humor, Sarah Chalke and Elizabeth Perkins, in ABC’s new sitcom How to Live With Your Children (To the Rest of Your Life). It made me wonder how I could make it work when I needed to move back in with my folks or shelter them here in my house.

So many economic factors during the past few years have led to higher numbers of nuclear and nonnuclear family members residing together; it’s become the new standard.

So let’s : Are you sharing your home with your adult children, or have older family members moved? How is it moving?

Share your best advice and strategies you have picked up during the experience in the Comments section below. If you’ve got a fantastic design tip related to multigenerational living, please share a photograph of it too; your story or idea might be used in an upcoming featured ideabook.

On day one, this is pretty much exactly how coming to dwell in your childhood bedroom can feel. It’s kind of fun to find your journal from sixth grade, but after that it can be a big adjustment.

Can you live at home following your 20th birthday? What was the obstacle? How did you get settled?

How to Live With Your Children (To the Rest of Your Life), which airs after Modern Family on Wednesday nights, centers around Polly, played by Chalke, also contains her daughter, her stepfather, her mom, her ex and her single bestie.

Used to having the house to themselves, her parents have a tendency to overshare. “TMI” is not a part of the vocabularies.

Whether you moved back in with your parents or they moved in with you, how did you establish boundaries and manage to have any privacy or time to yourself?

Polly’s wacky parents reside for Oscar night; they believe it is an official holiday. They also believe that anything could happen on Oscar night, and it will. One benefit of these multigenerational housing situations is that you have so much extra time together.

Tell us : What were the best things that came out of your multigenerational housemate situation? Which household activities became enjoyable? What opportunities did you have to make memories during the time you lived?

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