The Bathroom Functions High-Tech

Once upon a time, your bathroom was only a place to address your physical needs and practice your own personal hygiene. They have certainly evolved! Master bathrooms, particularly, are now spa-like havens with customized entertainment and comfort features. Below are a few technology add-ons you may wish to consider for your own home.

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Personalize your showering experience with electronic controls that allow you preset your favorite temperature, water quantity and massage settings. This can be equally time-saving and relaxing, based on which shower experience you are seeking. Kohler reintroduced its DTV system at the 2011 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show with a less expensive price tag, so you can now enjoy the customization advantages for approximately $1,000 prior setup.

SunBrite TV

If you love watching television, you may wish to think about adding that capacity to your bathroom. There are numerous alternatives available. A stand alone set, mounted on a wall where it can be seen from where you want to enjoy it , is one. I strongly suggest an outdoor-rated set to guarantee long-term enjoyment.


The latest way to add television to your own bathroom is with a medicine cabinet mirror. Similar to the TV-in-the-mirror concept, (next), this method adds always-welcome storage to the mixture. There is also an MP3 charger available within this sequence.


Séura Vanishing Vanity Television Mirror

Another way to add TV to your bathroom is right into your dressing table mirror. This is one of my preferred approaches, as it’s sleek and wonderfully convenient.

IDOC-PAD-DSWC – In-Wall Docking Station for iPad

If you want to have the ability to control multiple systems out of your bathroom — including climate, audio, video, home security, etc. — a full-house automation system tied to your iPad might be the solution you have been awaiting. Creston makes this particular system and David Van Wert, a Los Angeles-based technology expert, alerted them as a source.


Kohler – numi bathroom – $4,000

This is probably more bathroom — and more technology — than you need in your bathroom, but if being serenaded on the commode with your iPhone appeals to you, Kohler’s Numi may only be your favorite seat in the house.

Contemporary Bathroom Faucets – $348

I enjoy sensor faucets for bathrooms — especially shared bathrooms — since they decrease the spread of germs and minimize water usage.

You are able to go high-end with $700-plus designer versions, or more affordable, as in this Addison version by Delta. Either way, you may enjoy the benefits rather than have your guest bathroom or powder room appear to be a public bathroom!

CKD, jamie Gold, CAPS

Trufig Flush-mount Power Outlets

What’s high-tech about polished granite, you inquire? Look carefully and you will see the power outlet camouflaged in its surface. This Trufig outlet cover does its job with quiet elegance, so letting your layout be the celebrity, not the outlet attached to it.

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