The best way to Prune Bonfire Euphorbia

Bonfire euphorbia (Euphorbia polychroma) functions a reddish “bonfire” hue throughout the whole California growing period. Euphorbia isn’t a favorite of rabbits and deer, therefore the plant is a great option in case your lawn is suffering from critters. Bonfire euphorbia, which grows under-18 inches tall, is a normal for containers and landscape borders. Using a minimum of pruning, euphorbia that was bon-fire could be educated in to mounds. The most popular name for euphorbia, that’s a perennial, is spurge. Euphorbia prefers a sunny place in a well- .

Mix 1/2 cup of water with 3 1/2 glasses of of denatured alcohol a bucket. Dip a cloth that is soft and wring it out. Wipe pruning snip blades using the fabric to remove the transfer of fungus and plant disease.

Put on rubber gloves to prevent skin contact with all the latex in the stem of the bon-fire euphorbia. Avoid rubbing your eyes as it may cause blindness, and transferring the latex to your own eye region.

Prune the bon-fire euphorbia to remove broken or dead stems in early spring, reducing the euphorbia stems in the soil line with all the pruning snips. Remove by slicing with pruning snips all flower seed heads to remove seed dispersal.

Pour 3% hydrogen peroxide. All euphorbia that is pruned stems using the peroxide to quit the latex sap from flowing.

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