The best way to Repaint Refrigerator Handles

One is a filthy, grimy fridge when displaying your kitchen to potential homebuyers. Refrigerator handles are probably one of the most of the most challenging issues in your kitchen as they’re being touched to keep clear. It’s possible for you to wash the manage frequently, but nevertheless, it could get discolored as a result of grease over time. In case your refrigerator handle consists of plastic, it can be painted by you to get a clear, fresh- finish.

Remove the handle in the refrigerator using a Phillips screw-driver or an Allen wrench, with respect to the kind of fasteners that secure it to the the applying. Place the handle on a newspaper-coated worksurface in a well-ventilated location.

Place several drops of a grease- dish soap into a plate of of water. Stir the solution to to combine. Dip a cloth or sponge to the water and use it to clear the manage. Allow the manage to completely dry.

Rub good-grit sandpaper on the manage so that it will be adhered to by the primer to roughen the area. Wipe away the dirt using a damp cloth.

Hold a can of latex spray primer 8″ away from your handle. The primer on the handle in a even, again-and-forth movement to cover it. Allow the primer to dry in line with the suggestions of the manufacturer.

Cover the manage with spray enamel featuring a colour, like white or ecru, that matches the remaining refrigerator. Hold the spray-paint can 8″ from your handle as you utilize it in a level layer. Let the paint dry before since the the manage with a different coat. Allow the 2nd coat of paint to dry for three to four hrs. Reattach the manage the to do-or using the sam-e device you employed to eliminate it.

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