10 Tiny Kitchens Whose Usefulness You Won't Believe

From unfolding flats to smart remodels to creative rentals, these 10 miniature kitchens demonstrate that their owners and designers have not just learned to take care of small spaces — they’ve embraced them. With options including cutting boards for extra counter space, affordable alternatives to background and advanced storage, these tiny kitchens can’t help but inspire.

Kelly and Abramson Architecture

1. Pocket-Size Vintage-Style Kitchen
Homeowner: Robert and Ronna Kelly of Piedmont, California

Robert Kelly’s vintage-style kitchen is only about 145 square feet, but he does not need considerably more room — even with kids and pets round. Kelly’s home was built in the 1920s, also preserving the original design was a big priority. Each appliance and finish was chosen to complement the home as a whole. The gorgeous classic stove was given to him by a friend.

Kelly and Abramson Architecture

The toughest portion of Kelly’s renovation was planning the kitchen in connection to the remainder of the home. The traffic stream needed to be arranged with emphasis on a single side of the distance, leaving more room for cabinets and counters on the other. Transferring the interior stairs, the exterior stairs and also the windows helped attain this but presented some complications.

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Justrich Design

2. Clean, Modern and Efficient Kitchen
Homeowner: Steve Justrich of San Francisco

Designer Steve Justrich’s renovated 1912 kitchen was carefully designed to make the most of its 90 square feet. Justrich relied on easy tricks — putting the refrigerator flush into the wall in an old doorway and buying small European appliances to save space. Open shelving instead of upper cabinetry along with a turquoise Venetian plaster ceiling create the illusion of more room.

Justrich Design

A very small dishwasher is Justrich needs to get a day’s worth of dishes. A built-in cutting board along with a strainer to your sink enlarge counter and prep area. Colorful artwork and Heath pottery include cheer into the simply designed area.

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Apt 2B Baking Co..

3. A Tiny, Makeshift Bakery
Homeowner: Yossy Arefi-Afshar of New York City

Yossy Arefi-Afshar likes to bake, and Won’t allow her miniature New York kitchen prevent her. Although she has learned some hard lessons about planning along the way (“I will never forget the time I got overly rough with my menu and ended up doing dishes in the tub the next day,” she says), she has learned to function with what she has got.

Apt 2B Baking Co..

When Arefi-Afshar is operating on a big baking job, she simply clears everything off the counters and moves into another portion of the apartment. For some excess surface area, she will pull out a drawer or two and put a sheet pan or cutting board on top.

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Churreria Photography

4. Space-Saving Spanish Kitchen
Homeowner: Christian Schallert of Barcelona, Spain

This cleverly designed 260-square-foot Barcelona apartment works in different manners — each appliance and piece of furniture tucks into a concealed panel. Panels made of Viroc and timber pop open with an easy push, revealing refrigerators, seating plus a bed.

Churreria Photography

The kitchen panels are on precisely the exact same side of the home. A fridge, an electric stovetop, a sink, a freezer, a microwave and a dishwasher fit into this one wall. After foods, everything simply gets tucked right into its hidden panel.

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nat the fat rat

5. Eclectic and Personal New York Kitchen
Homeowner: Natalie Holbrook of Manhattan, New York

Natalie Holbrook’s new flat was an upgrade in size and style from her previous miniature, prewar home. While the kitchen was a step upward, it was small and lacked some special style. When she first moved in, Holbrook desired to pay this wall in background, but the possibly messy installation and expensive price tag dissuaded her.

nat the fat rat

Instead, she developed an impromptu, fashionable and affordable collage made of Polaroids, Instagram prints along with other photographs. Adding the cassette, the whole thing cost less than $35.

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Big Girls Small Kitchen

6. A Food Blogger’s Brooklyn Lease
Homeowner: Cara Eisenpress of Brooklyn, New York

A leasing kitchen isn’t just limited in size, it’s restricted in style also. Food blogger Cara Eisenpress uses cute art and her prettiest canning experiments to add color and attention to her miniature Brooklyn kitchen.

Big Girls Small Kitchen

A huge portion of maintaining a small kitchen clean is prioritizing possessions. Not everything could fit in her kitchen initially, so the most used items were kept available. On the other side of the kitchen, a wall-mounted wine rack and tall bookshelves benefit from wall space for storage. A small setup chairs four individuals for a casual meal.

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Michael K Chen Architecture

7. Luxe Appliances in a Small Space
Homeowner: A Manhattanite who likes to cook

The proprietor of this 400-square-foot New York City apartment loves to cook and understood that his lack of square footage didn’t need to be an inhibitor. Collectively, the client and designers Michael Chen and Kari Anderson came up with a unique “unfolding” notion — a built-in cabinet which carries a cabinet, a desk and a bed, also divides flat into zones.

Michael K Chen Architecture

This unfolding cabinet solved the issue in the great area, but the dilapidated kitchen had some problems. The designers found that a small Viking range to install at the end of the narrow kitchen area. 2 undercounter units replaced a full-size fridge , and walnut and stainless steel open shelving provided functional and attractive storage.

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Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

8. Ecofriendly Bare Essentials
Homeowner: Jay Shafer of North Carolina

This movable 7- by 16-foot home is combined with an equally miniature residence next door for a total of 620 square feet of living area. Jay Shafer, founder of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, calls this home (along with his wife and young son). This energy efficient and ecofriendly housing solution relies on the fundamentals, including a bare-bones kitchen. The front door of the home opens into its small kitchen and dining area. A sink, a prep surface, a portable electric range and a small fridge serve the household’s basic needs. A shelf above the sink holds the majority of the dishes and other kitchen essentials.

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Gut Gut

9. Classy and Custom European Kitchen
Homeowner:Lukas Kordik of Bratislava, Slovakia

This space-saving personalized kitchen is full of smart storage options. The vivid blue kitchen cabinetry provides plenty of color while taking up minimal room. An electrical stove top, a toaster set flush into the cabinetry and incorporated drawer handles keep things easy. Possessing the principal kitchen unit in a single block saves space and keeps open.

Gut Gut

Designer and homeowner Lukas Kordik created an impressive unit of floor-to-ceiling shelving to hold essentials and decorative products.

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10. Cheerful San Francisco Lease
Homeowner: Kimberly Hasselbrink of San Francisco

Food photographer Kimberly Hasselbrink loves her San Francisco apartment, but her kitchen is seriously lacking in space and natural lighting. She has not gotten the go-ahead to make any modifications on it, so for now she has dressed up her distance with thrift shop accessories and one-of-a-kind artwork.

Hasselbrink keeps the room neat and clean by using hidden storage. She does not like to keep out anything unless it’s useful and appealing, rather adding color and visual interest via easy-to-change decoration, like these prints from Jon Holcomb and Wendy MacNaughton.

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