Amazingly Low-Maintenance Picks for Outdoor Planters

Between the scorching summer sun and extended holidays, it is probably no surprise as soon as your outdoor plants begin looking like they want a little love. Rather than paying the neighbor children to keep your vegetation hydrated every time you reach the shore, rethink your landscape strategy to need less maintenance and be sun tolerant and much more in accordance with your carefree summer attitude.

The ideal plant picks can endure extended sunlight and a tiny neglect. You can save your plant guilt to get ice cream!

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For extra-hot outdoor conditions, extended holidays or people who just can’t appear to keep a plant alive, succulents really are a wonderful option. Most survive very well in sunlight and need at least one to two hours per day of sunlight. For larger planters or spaces that call to get a taller plant, then consider using American aloe or Parry’s Agave.

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Aloe, scilla, gasteria and haworthia are a few examples of succulents that flourish in the hot, bright summer sun. If you’re looking to increase the beauty of your outdoor scape, consider planting flowering Fall Joy — that not only is pretty in its own right but also attracts butterflies.

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Succulents tend to require less water than other plants. But be wary when using terra-cotta baskets — they tend to dry out quickly. To see whether your plants need to be straightened, put your finger a centimeter or two below the ground. If it’s moist, no water is necessary.

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Bear in mind, lots of succulents thrive on neglect. Always err on the side of underwatering, not overwatering. If they look a little limp, then it is time to water.

Notice: Some succulents are frost tender and may require a cover in chilly weather.

If you’re really concerned about your outdoor plants, then a crate like that one does double duty. It looks good hanging on your walls, and you can always pull it down and take it with you. For succulents who do double duty, consider planting edible succulents. Yuccas, aloe vera, prickly pear and night-blooming cereus are yummy varieties.

If succulents aren’t something, many green shrubs result in clean, easy-to-maintain exterior planters. Boxwoods, by way of example, demand afternoon shade and need to be pruned but need watering only every seven to 10 days — more frequently if you’re using a scorcher.

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Ornamental grasses are another fantastic low-maintenance alternative for exterior planters. They need to be cut back only once per year in the spring and, following the first year of expansion, need very little water. They tend to flourish in regions of total sunlight.


An outdoor scape like this one, where plants are divided into separate baskets, is not difficult to maintain. When one plant begins to look a little wilty or needing replacing, it is no problem to just remove one without bothering others.

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Topiaries are a very simple method to keep your outdoor planters looking refreshing. For a burst of electricity through celebrations or special events, a brightly colored perennial around the foundation adds pizazz.


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Amazing Succulents for Your Garden

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