10 Important Considerations for the Bedroom Addition of Your Dreams

painter Escondido, CA is a constant part of any passionate homemaker’s life and if you’ve set your sights on designing the master bedroom of your dreams this coming spring, then you’ll truly appreciate our marvelous tips on what you should consider in your planning process.


Whether it’s on the ground floor facing a garden path or at an upper level of the home overlooking a pool, you want to make sure that your master bedroom is well-placed to take advantage of the surrounding environment. It’s also important to consider how your bedroom layout will affect the rest of the house plan, and whether it enables enough privacy.

If you’re thinking of elevating your master bedroom but don’t have enough space to do so on the existing structure, you can either build it into the existing roof or construct a second floor on top of the current house. Just keep in mind that this route will require new painter Escondido, CA on the existing structure to ensure that it is in line with present-day building codes.


These days, you can use various light fixtures to create a unique ambiance in your bedroom. From crystal chandeliers to candles and cove lighting, the options are endless.


Most homeowners feel that the master bedroom is more appealing when there is plenty of natural light coming through its windows. However, you want it to be completely dark during the night so that you can enjoy uninterrupted sleep, thus it’s important to consider the effect of both light and dark when planning your master bedroom. This will make it possible for you to design your windows in a way that balances both. While large floor to ceiling windows are currently in vogue, blinds are often used to shut out the moonlight at night, while opening them up during the day allows the sun to come in.


Choosing a theme is probably one of the most exciting aspects of all remodels. Theme choices include minimalist, tropical, beach-chic, Victorian or Oriental, to name but a few examples.


Position your master suite to overlook whatever views you have access to from your home, whether it is ocean views, garden views, pool views or even courtyard views. All can be pleasant to look at from an elevated position.

Sitting Space

Most master bedroom Escondido painters also embrace having a sitting area a few paces from your bed, which can be used as a private space where you can relax, read or write in peace and quiet.  

Outdoor Access

Trends show that modern-day homeowners prefer master bedrooms that open onto private patios or balconies, and it’s not hard to see why. There’s nothing better than starting the day by taking in the sunrise from a lavish patio that overlooks your garden while you enjoy your cup of coffee.


You can integrate a fireplace into your master suite as an anchor for your design scheme. Just be sure to consult with your local municipality before you continue with your remodels, just to find out if wood-burning fireplaces are allowed, as most states only allow gas burning ones.

Ceiling Design

Think about it; most of your time in your bedroom is spent on your back gazing at the ceiling, so it makes sense to design it with that thought in mind. Luckily, you have infinite choice when it comes to available ceiling finishes for flat ceilings, while exposed ceiling trusses add charm and interest to any master bedroom.  


There are plenty of beautifully designed surround sound systems that you can include in your master bedroom as part of the décor, and music can play a big role in setting a particular mood in your master bedroom. You can also choose to incorporate a built-in flat screen TV to enjoy private movie nights from the comfort of your bed.