8 Pool Water Characteristics That Venture Into Fantasy

Extremely hot temperatures can take away your breath and leave you begging for relief. For many people, floating in a swimming pool can only proceed so far. Water features can offer another welcome reprieve from hot, hazy days.

From easy, sheer descents to numerous swim-through waterfalls, these spectacular pool designs incorporate some sort of water. Did you know the sound of moving water has been proven to lower the heartbeat? Still another reason to add a water feature in your next outdoor design.

Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

This pool has a custom made water display that enables TV and pictures to be viewed from the pool and the patio.

Systems with rear projection and a water display bundle, for example Tsunami Waterscreens, start at around $7,600. And keep your surroundings in mind — if your garden is rancid, this kind of water feature is not the best bet.


Natural boulders incorporated with a faux stone grotto give swimmers multiple places for sitting and interacting on this particular pool. A variable-speed pump provides different water flow amounts, from intense to soft. The Jandy ePump variable speed pump retails for approximately $2,000.

Here is another great example of enormous waterfalls that result in a hidden grotto. Smart-phone programs like iAquaLink or Pentair today allow you to control your pool or pool with one touch.

Phil Kean Designs

Who says water features need to be enormous? I really like the easy design of the feature and also the calm spillover of water in the table leading to the pool.

The Garden Consultants, Inc..

This water feature doesn’t spill in the pool but complements the modern design and provides the homeowner a beautiful and tranquil focal point.

JM Lifestyles

This wonderful water feature has one large entry to the grotto for swimmers. The innovative use of lighting produces an excellent ambience at night.

Landscape Techniques Inc..

Do you have a yard elevated above the home? Landscape designers love a yard in this way! The topography allows for different levels of entertaining, for example with this water quality that connects the upper-level pool with a lower spa.

Highline Partners, Ltd

Another example of utilizing the terrain is this water feature, which fits perfectly into the landscape. This majestic swimming pool has a meandering water quality that blends with its surroundings.

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