Coffee Bars Energize Any Room

A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent. If you agree with this saying, you’re part of the coffee state. Folks are serious in their morning joe. Whether they’re in designer coffee shops or the workplace split, coffee drinkers everywhere are combined in this ritual.

Brew on this tidbit from Wikipedia: More than 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world daily. It’s the second most traded commodity after petroleum, just on earth. It’s no real surprise that with numbers like that a trend is for prep regions and individual coffee bars in style. Check out how designers are perking up kitchens, butler’s pantries and bathrooms with coffee.

Andre Rothblatt Architecture

This ultimate setup for a nice pot of coffee comprises a coffeemaker, a sink and an under-counter fridge. The sink is easily accessible for filling and rinsing, while the fridge is handy for keeping lotion. Coffee cups are saved stylishly on the countertop.

Andre Rothblatt Architecture

This prep area looks like it was built around this massive brewing powerhouse. My guess is it can make espresso, coffee, foamed milk and filter the oil from your vehicle! Just kidding about the petroleum, but what a thing of beauty. Note the coffee grinders point left and also the prep sink for new water.

Charmean Neithart Interiors

This coffee prep area can be found in the butler’s pantry, a great alternative location if the kitchen has been maxed out. There is a simple plug-in coffee maker with a wall-mounted faucet and storage above and below for coffee cups.

NW Home Designers

This cosy little coffee nook is positioned between two 24-inch pantries on the rear wall. This space is roughly two feet in diameter. A coffee prep does not have to be big. Everything you would need is here: coffeemaker, mugs with sink and fridge close by.

Renewal Design-Build

How about a coffee corner? Coffee, mugs and creamer all complete this vintage-inspired prep channel. Notice the way the painted backs of these cabinets underline the coffee service items.

Venegas and Company

The Miele Coffee System is a built-in alternative for coffee making. This unit is available with a water reservoir or plumbed-in option. Features include a coffee-bean container, integrated LED lighting plus a prebrew system. This particular kitchen has the discretionary bowl and cup warmer installed only below.

Dreamy Whites

A coffee prep area does not have to be complex. This quaint and beautiful area is really straightforward and effective. You’d require a small table, a coffeemaker, mugs, sugar and cream… and a friend over for a Dancing with the Stars recap.

Mark pinkerton – vi360 photography

Coffee from the toilet? Sure, why not? The Miele Coffee System allows for slick and easy installation almost everywhere.

Debra Toney, AIA Assoc.

Even 1 step further is the morning bar within this master bathroom. Usually this setup includes coffee service, a sink and sometimes a minifridge. The idea is to have your first cup of coffee when getting ready in the morning without needing to leave the restroom. Now that’s Four Seasons convenience.


This gorgeous kitchen with a fireplace on either side of the island is a superb area for lazy mornings and also reading the newspaper with your freshly brewed cup of coffee.

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