Dressing Up the Bathroom: Cool Shower Curtains

Another day, as I had been picking up the toys my son had thrown from the bath (again), I discovered the shower curtain was becoming a bit grimy. It is time to get a fresh one.

Looks just like an easy job, right? Run to Goal, select in the tons of layouts that are adorable and replace? Sadly, that is false.

After several extremely annoying hrs looking at my choices online, I deducted that a lot of shower curtains belong to one of three groups. They are horrible both dull, or totally creepy. I am maybe not exactly certain who is purchasing the Psycho- drapes, but their companies must be kept by someone in operation.

Luckily, my hours scouring the net were not all for naught. In the event you look you will locate out a few cunning drapes there. You only have to strive. Or simply click on these hyperlinks:

IKEA consistently delivers. This polka scattered shower curtain is an excellent palette and adorable as well as straightforward to create an area about.

I enjoy this straightforward, subjective design and colours that are subtle. It will not overwhelm a chamber and seems clean.

This curtain is created (only) from two beach towels. I enjoy the style as well as these colours – and that I enjoy the concept that any beach towel may be become a shower curtain!

Marimekko has some wonderful shower curtain choices – like this fun, vibrant layout.


Tamara Shower Curtain

That is just another Marimekko layout – also adorable as well as a colour that is great.

Occasionally clean and easy is not worst. This resort-design drape can be obtained from Re Storation Hardware in several accent colours.

A Union Jack shower curtain is the ideal match for the “keep quiet and keep on” toilet.

This shower curtain is accented with grosgrain ribbon – totally and fairly female.

Additionally for the toilet that is female, I am reminded by this straightforward shower curtain of overgrown eyelet.

I really like this shower curtain – it is first and therefore amazing.