Kitchen of the Week: From Style Mishmash to Streamlined Farmhouse

Having lived remodels this farmhouse had little of the kitchen left. The new owners tore through the mishmash of styles and gave the kitchen a brand new start. Architect Robert Ross used vibrant colors and natural materials to make a modern farmhouse look. A new compact layout makes for plenty of storage but keeps the major walkway into the living room clear.

Kitchen in a Glance
Location: Boulder County, Colorado
Size: 204 square feet
Remodel time: two months

Fieldwork Architecture

Two miniature windows previously supplied the sole natural light sources within this kitchen. Ross added one additional window and additional task lighting.

Among the kitchen’s remodels caused the huge overhead wood beam. Even though the homeowners installed a steel beam from the ceiling and could’ve removed it, its character was loved by them.

Stools: Onda Stool; sink: Fireclay Farmer’s sink; faucet: Hansgrohe

Fieldwork Architecture

Surprisingly, this boldly colored kitchen originally started out as an all-neutral design. The clients considered cream-colored cabinetry initially, but in the long run they switched to a vibrant palette. Blue panel details and hardware help break up the all-yellow cabinets and blend in with the glazed ceramic backsplash.

Cooktop: GE Profile; toaster: KitchenAid; hood: Wolf; wall paint: habit

Fieldwork Architecture

Like the rest of the 19th-century home, the kitchen features low ceilings, restricting space for tall cabinets, upper cabinetry and open shelving. Extra-deep cabinetry plus a new pantry space compensate for missing space.

Storage takes up a lot of space within this kitchen, therefore Ross installed wings onto the staircase that could fold down if necessary, making it easier to move around. This feature accommodates the major walkway and into the living room.

Fieldwork Architecture

The new kitchen has the exact same general design as the original kitchen, but Ross removed a few unnecessary things for better storage. A little gas fireplace after sat at the refrigerator’s corner place. Since it was rarely used, Ross eliminated it to open the entire wall to get pantry space.

Refrigerator: Icon, Electrolux

Fieldwork Architecture

Stone and quartz countertops felt too cold for this farmhouse, therefore the clients opted for butcher block. End-grain bamboo provides a more modern touch.

Cabinetry: Hanley Woodworks; cupboard paint: habit

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