Methods to Locate What We Paid on Property Taxes

Any land taxes you’ve got paid are deductible in your income taxes. The fastest method to discover just how much you paid is just to return during your check registers, bank account statements or charge card statements, in case you pay your property taxes yourself. Choose a payment to the treasurer or income section in whatever property taxes are levied by authority. Should you not have such records, or property taxes aren’t paid by you immediately, you’ve a couple of alternatives.


The assessor’s off ice handles land taxes for the authority that collects and levies property taxes, typically a county. All these are records that are public, as well as in several counties, the assessor’s records can be found on the internet, making payment advice and evaluation sums accessible by simply inputting the home address. The info can be acquired by phoning or visiting the assessor’s off ice if repayments are not recorded online.

Form 1098

Property tax payments are typically handled by mortgage brokers for home-owners. That is since if your government puts a lien on a property for outstanding taxes, it makes it more difficult for the financial institution to recoup its cash in case of a sale or foreclosure as it is in the financial institution ‘s interest to ensure the land taxes get paid. Generally, homeowners’ monthly mortgage payments add a part designated for land taxes. The lender sets apart this sum in a particular account, called “escrow,” and pays the tax expenses if it is due. At the conclusion of every tax yr, lenders should supply householders having a replica of IRS Type 1098, the “Mortgage Curiosity Assertion.” Box 5 of the form typically lists the sum paid for the entire year if taxes are paid from escrow.

Tax Expenses

In a few authorities, although not all, payment info for the taxes of the prior year will be contained on the home tax statement sent to every householder. Even if his land taxes are paid by a householder through his mortgage mortgage company, he’ll still be given a statement in the authority for advice functions.

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