Sweet Luxurious: A Mini Kitchen for the Guest Suite

Once upon a time, when two or three generations of a family shared a home, we had what were called in-law suites. These functional in-bedroom kitchenettes have evolved into today morning kitchens.

They are perfect for homes with second floor masters, with frequent guests and for big houses whose bedrooms are somewhat far from the kitchen. And they’re still ideal for in-laws, too!

Here are a few sensible-style hints for adding a morning kitchen to another living area in your property.

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Coffee is a portion of many folks’ morning routines. If you want to enjoy your first cup in the comfort of your master package — or provide this luxury to your guests — strategy a coffee station into your kitchen.

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A spacious master suite is often the place for a home’s morning , exclusively benefitting the homeowners. A bare wall — especially one financing up to the master bath for plumbed appliances can easily be enriched by fitting cabinetry hosting creature comforts.

The master bath isn’t revealed in this image. If it’s located where the door close to the balcony is located, I would website a morning kitchen on the wall in which the red picture is presently located.

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While master suites are the most frequent place for a morning , there is no reason a shared guest room or upstairs gathering area could not benefit from you, too.

These homeowners can put one in which the tv is located. If they have a similar niche elsewhere with this landing — especially one that backs up to some toilet in the event the kitchen needs plumbing — that could work just as well.

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Herring Cabinet – $1,649

We have stashed clothing, televisions and linens in armoires… There is no reason why you can’t adapt one to become a compact kitchen. Be sure it can take care of the components that matter most to you, and it will fit in stylistically with your distance.

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Built-in Coffee Maker – $3,049

An upscale morning kitchen might include a built-in coffee maker. If it’s going to be plumbed, a wall that backs up to your own shower or dressing table could be helpful.


A dishwasher is a luxurious addition to a morning kitchen that gets a great deal of use. You’ll want to have an ultra-quiet model to keep the calmness of your space. You’ll also need a version that is available panel-ready to blend into the room.

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U-Line 3018RGL Glass-Door Refrigerator

There is A drink refrigerator a morning-kitchen staple. It permits you to store juice, filtered water, smoothies or another drink you would like to keep available to your morning routine.

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Enormous Under Cabinet Stemware Rack – $29.95

Your morning needs to have storage room for a small set of glasses and dishes — enough, perhaps, for a weekend’s worth of coffee, beverage and bite plates.

Do you own a morning kitchen somewhere in your house?

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