The best way to Clean a Kerosene Heater Wick

A heater to conserve on gasoline and electrical bills, or may be useful in the house when the energy goes out. The wick in a heater is crucial to the proper functioning as the kerosene it self. A wick which is wet with water from low grade or kerosene that is saved, or has pitch on the very best, squander much of the the applying warmth and will burn up inefficiently. Easy measures can keep the wick practical and clear.

Analyze the wick attentively. Then you definitely need to burn the wick dry in the event the top looks discolored with pitch as well as other materials remaining in the kerosene.

Shut the heater off and let it cool. Remove in the tank. Advance the wick to its size and light it. Let the soaked wick to carry on to burn until it fades. This ought to burn the pitch deposits off.

Take away in the tank that is drained in the event you believe it’s water-logged or contaminated with oil. Soak it in wood alcohol for FIVE MINUTES minutes allowing the alcohol to push outside the water. Allow the wick air-dry completely before placing it back to the heater.

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