The best way to Cut an Elephant Ear Plant Back

Ear, known scientifically as Xanthosoma Alocasia or Colocasia, is a team of plants with variegated leaves. Each year, an elephant ear plant dies back. However, in U.S. Department of Agriculture zones where the plant is hardy — an average of zones 8b and hotter — it grows back in the spring. The tubers stored indoors for the winter and should be dug up and after that replanted in the spring. Cutting straight back an elephant ear is simple, but great and timing pruning routines are important to sustain a healthy, flourishing plant.

Cut back an elephant ear plant three or two times. With respect to the environment, this could happen anytime from late summer to mid-winter.

Use a rag to wipe the blades of a pair of pruning shears down with 10% bleach solution or alcohol. So that you don’t accidentally transfer illnesses among your backyard crops, your resources are sterilized by this practice.

Snip off the leaves close to the bottom of the plant, leaving about 2″ above-ground. Make clear cuts straight through the foliage and stems. Don’t tear. Discard the leaves in trash or the compost pile. The plant is prepared be dug up for winter storage or to over-winter in the backyard.

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