The best way to Paint Stained & Scraped Porcelain Sinks

A marred and stained porcelain sink is really a eyesore in almost any bath or kitchen. It seems unhygienic and seems grubby, daily, even when it is cleaned. Changing the sink may not be a feasible alternative, if cash is limited. Painting it’s a less-expensive option.

Preparing the Sink

Clean the sink completely with home cleaning detergent. Rinse it completely and dry the area.

Remove from the location of the sink. With masking tape, protect which CAn’t be removed or isn’t made of porcelain. Use masking tape splashback behind the sink or to secure the tiles, and put protective coverings on the ground.

Sand the top layer of the sink using a block. It will be roughened by this and make a key for the primer and paint to stick to. Take advantage of your vacuum to eliminate all traces of sanding dust, but ensure the sink surfaces are fully dry before this.

Painting the Sink

Fill a squirt bottle . Spray on a layer of the adhesive on the top layer of the sink and allow it to dry. Fill your paint sprayer with primer while this is occurring.

Cover the top layer of the sink using a thin layer of primer. Before applying another layer enable the primer recommended by its own maker. Let the next coat to dry completely.

Clean pour in the paint on your porcelain sink and the paint sprayer completely. Apply a light coating to the sink and let this to dry for the duration of time suggested by the manufacturing companies of the paint. Repeat this method before you’ve got applied at least four coats of paint; it may be required to use up to six. Don’t use the sink for 4-8 hrs.

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