The best way to Raise Okra

Rich in minerals and vitamins provides thickness and colour to other dishes and gumbos. Warm-climate gardeners who prize okra are in luck, as the vegetable prefers extended growing seasons and warm summers. Begin okra seedlings indoors in case your environment falls lacking the characteristics or lay a plastic cover that is black on the area to heat the soil of the garden’s. Okra may be direct-seeded to the soil as well as the floor in hotter areas when the evenings are at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit warms to at least 65 degrees.


Loosen the soil of your potential okra patch using roto-tiller or a hoe. Work the soil to a depth of approximately one foot.

Spread up to 4″ of compost on the area of your backyard bed and spade it to the mattress to to add the compost to the soil.

In the event that your home is with chilly evenings, set black-plastic on the soil. This can be skipped by gardeners in the hotter climates.

Soak okra seeds for 24 hrs to encourage germination. Discard any seeds which have not swelled up after this period.

Poke the seeds to the garden bed in a depth of 1/2 Sow okra seeds every 3″ in space and a row the rows about 3-feet apart. Slash holes in the plastic for every seed placement in the event that you protect the soil with black plastic.


Thin seedlings when they reach about 3″ tall, so that they stand no closer than one foot apart.

Lay strips of compost or the well-balanced fertilizer of okra crops along each row. Scratch this aspect- dressing to the soil.

Unless you’re growing dwarf types stake okra seedlings. Hammer a backyard stake about 1 foot.

Lay a mulch across the seedlings down.

Side-dress the okra plants 2 to 3 extra occasions throughout the growing period.

Tie the crops that are developing to the stakes as they develop. Use garden outdated or twine panty hose.

Weed and water the okra patch frequently throughout the growing period. Weekly, okra needs about 1-inch of water. Provide added water using a backyard hose or a soaker hose system in the event the crops commence to droop throughout particularly summer.

Pick okra pods after or 50 days, when the pods attain 2 to 3″ in-length. Continue okra that is harvesting throughout the expanding period. Picking okra every 2-3 times guarantees most tender veggies, the the tiniest, while encouraging the crops to bear through the season.

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