The best way to Use Plastic Above a Vegetable Garden to Kill Seeds and Weeds

Covering a vegetable garden to eliminate seeds and weeds is called solarization. This chemical- method usually controls weeds than types that are perennial. Although solarization may be successful in places that are cooler, it kills the weeds. Solarization not only kills seeds and weeds, it also removes pests, microorganisms and damaging fungi.


Solarize your vegetable garden plot during the best time of the yr. In coastal locations, wait until fog- intervals in September or August.

Contour the backyard lay-out north to south — if feasible — and at least 2.5 feet wide therefore the soil gets as warm as possible.

Till the soil and eliminate particles like soil clumps and rocks.

Smooth the soil’s area using a hoe or rake to reduce air pockets between the plastic as well as the soil. Air pockets improve the possibility of the plastic blowing a way and hinder the heating method.

Soak the soil with water to at least one foot deep.


Choose clear, UV-resistant plastic sheeting having a thickness that fits your requirements. Use 1-mm-thick plastic to produce the greatest temperatures and 1.5- to 2-mm-thick for windy locations. Cut the plastic using a scissors or utility knife. Make the dimensions about 3 to 4 inches bigger in relation to the garden plot on all sides, in order to bury it in the bottom

Lay the plastic on the backyard plot just after after watering the floor, hence the plastic making as few air-pockets as feasible and is touching the soil.

Use two layers of plastic to improve the soil’s temperature by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit, versus using just one layer. Create air pockets between both layers by utilizing plastic plastic containers that are aged or PVC pipe.

Secure the edges of the plastic by putting the edges of the plastic in the trench digging a trench four to six inches deep and covering them with grime. Place rocks in addition to the edges before they are buried by you in are as.


Monitor the temperature having a s Oil thermometer.

Leave the plastic on up to eight months or until the s Oil temperature reaches 1 22 levels Fahrenheit for 113 hrs that are cumulative.

Remove the plastic, if wanted. Slit holes in the best in the event you elect to abandon it on and plant winter crop veggies or your fall into the s Oil.

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