A Love Letter to Writing Desks

Every weekday morning starts exactly the same for me. Wake up, shower, drive kids to college … test messages. My phone starts to ring, buzz and tweet on the driveway to college. My kids just chat, sing and laugh to the radio, dismissing the various alarms coming from my phone. I usually sneek a peek at each red light and the 1 train stop on our route.

Recently I’ve been wondering about how we all communicate in our instant world of iPhones and iPads. Some frequent texts I get during the day are quick notes, such as “c u @ 12” or even “thx 4 ur hlp.” I’m still attempting to master texting language. I have to admit it seems strange for me to spell in this format, though I recognize it saves time. Being a man who specializes in details for a living, I find brevity difficult.

Can you recall the last time you received a handwritten note from a friend? Do you recall the colour of the ink or the smell of this stationery? Handwritten letters are those that actually stick in my mind, and they’re a dying art form.

The distances below look like perfect places to pause and write a handwritten note to your friend or relative — no wires, no Wi-Fi, no abbreviations. Have a look and be inspired to dig out that stationery and fancy pencil, and write to someone you care about. You will make a lasting, good impression.

Kathleen Burke Design

Using a writing desk for a bedside table makes great use of space in this soft and tranquil bedroom. This gorgeous traditional desk is the perfect size to maintain the basics: lamp, clock and blossoms. Stationery and pens could be held in the petite drawers.

J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC

A traditional wall hanging highlights a beautiful writing desk perfectly placed in the area’s recessed area. The gorgeous floral lamp provides the lighting you’d need for writing letters.

Michael Abrams Limited

This beautiful writing desk in a private corner doubles as a vanity. Together with the silk and glass-bead wall coverings, who wouldn’t be inspired to sit and compose a letter to an old friend?

Cravotta Interiors

Pens, stationery and stamps can all be tucked away in the abundant drawers of a secretary in this way.

With writing tools neatly kept away, the main doors can stay open for a complete perspective of this piece’s detailed craftsmanship.

Don Ziebell

Try to find a quiet, private corner on your home where small pieces such as this desk could be placed, lit with a nearby lamp.

Brian Dittmar Design, Inc..

This modern secretary at a calming blue home office is perfect for some rapid paperwork and then a relaxed moment to compose a handwritten note.

Charmean Neithart Interiors

Float a desk at a master bedroom to get somewhere to compose letters while gazing on a courtyard.

Vendome Press

Place a desk facing windows to make the most of a perspective. Bonus: Together with the intention of only writing letters, there are no messy wires to handle.

Lucy Interior Design

With no cords in the way, you can highlight fantastic details, such as the legs of the vintage sawhorse table.

Kristen Rivoli Interior Design

Now that is blue! This daring blue paint produces a fantastic background for this midcentury writing desk. Notice the scale of the vintage piece; its petite size makes it a fantastic selection for a bedroom.

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