Batman, holy Creativity!: Comic Strip Decor for Real Life

I’ve known people who are Sunday comics fanatics. Not a Sunday goes for these folks without the morning ritual of coffee, comic strips and crossword puzzles. It is a routine that many people have enjoyed for several years.

It is no surprise that this cherished pastime of reading the comics has morphed into interior design inspiration. Comic strip–inspired art, cloths and murals are fantastic for kids’ rooms, game rooms or any room that wants a kitchy twist. If you are looking for a few quirky design tips for your space, consider these examples.

Lucy Interior Design

Within this setting, the comic strip art piece appears modern even though the topic is retro. Bold scale and colour make this space feel all grown up.

Imagine Living

The comic strip fabric on these art deco–inspired chairs is reminiscent of the black and white ink of ancient comics. This fabric would look amazing in a room with a black and white colour scheme or with a bold paint colour on the walls.

Eunice Fernandes

The same as the comic strip format itself, this art tells a story in a panel format. Comics-inspired art is a perfect backdrop for game room activity.

Laura U, Inc..

With this look in the entry hall, you understand this Houstonpied-à-terre is going to be fun. The colours in the art set the palette to your whole house.

Laura U, Inc..

A bedroom in the same home includes a sitting area with a mirror shaped like a cartoon dialog bubble.

Lea Bassani Design

This comic strip fabric on a lacquered white rococo armchair is unique style at its best. I do love the glowing reddish wall but could also see this working with vivid green, yellow or cobalt blue.

Utilize a primary color scheme to enhance comic strip art. The modern elements of this space make it appropriate as a kid’s room or a home office. Superman seems to be coming from the skies outside this room.

Cody Anderson Wasney Architects, Inc..

Overscale comic strip art takes up the entire wall in this game space. The camp-style lights take color cues in the art. The other wall tips at a comic-book “Pow!” With an opening that imitates a broken brick wall.

Cody Anderson Wasney Architects, Inc..

Here’s the same room from the opposite side of the broken wall. Whimsical comic-style pillows support the subject.

Flea Market Sunday

Framed comic strip art signed by Charles Schultz of Peanuts fame is the focal point within this fantastic kid space.

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