Can I Use Construction Adhesive to Seal a Leak in a PVC Pond Liner?

Ponds decorate a backyard, however, leaking ponds are cluttered and may damage garden furniture. A polyvinyl chloride lining is very robust and difficult to tear or puncture. Some manufacturers have up to 200 pounds per inch of equilibrium resistance and can stretch up to 300% before tearing. Repairing a leaking PVC pool lining is easy with contact cement or PVC sheeting cement designed for wet places. Construction adhesive is not acceptable for submerged material.

Sealing a Leak

To fix a tear at a PVC pond liner, then drain the water to below the damaged region. Wash the area with a rag or brush dipped in salt to remove the film of algae from the lining. Use a small amount of salt to avoid damaging plants or fish at the pond. Blow the torn area using a hair drier or handheld propane torch before it is warm and dry — it ought to be thicker than a bare hand could tolerate. Cut a piece of PVC pond liner, and disperse it along with the liner with the cement. After the glue dries and is no more tacky, press the patch into the lining and then hold for 30 minutes.

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