How to eliminate Bees in Bushes

Although mammals serve important functions for plants, such as pollinating flowers and maintaining destructive pests at bay, they can also be a danger to children and pets which may soften them unknowingly. If you would like to eliminate bees in trees and shrubs, then wait until evening or early morning, once the bees have returned to their nest for the night, and wear protective clothing to avoid bee stings as you work.

Wear protective clothing, such as shorts, a long-sleeved shirt, gloves, closed-toe shoes and a bee veil on your face. Tuck pant legs into your socks, and tuck the top’s long sleeves into your gloves to close off openings. Don’t allow the bees access to your skin.

Find the origin of the bees. It may be a nest in bush divisions, but most likely the nest is underground. Keep an eye out for the opening from which the bees fly out.

Spray the nest and exposed areas near the nest using an aerosol spray containing pyrethrin and rotenone. Those chemicals sedate bees as toxins kill them. The spray is harmless to nearby plants and won’t contaminate the soil.

Watch the bushes periodically during the next couple of days. If you find any bee activity in them, reapply the aerosol spray.

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