How to Extend an Outdoor Faucet

Outside faucets, also referred to as spigots or hose bibs, are installed near an outside wall to prevent injuring people or damaging the faucet with lawn and gardening equipment. However, a homeowner may extend a faucet 16 to 18 inches from the mounting to hang a hose or to earn a faucet more accessible in areas with thick shrubs or plants. Extending an outside faucet provides a home-improvement enthusiast an opportunity to apply basic plumbing skills.

Switch off the water supply valve to your house. Open the faucet and allow the water at the line to escape.

Loosen and remove the faucet at the water pipe with a flexible wrench fitted just behind the bonnet and handle.

Wrap vinyl plumber’s tape clockwise on the threads at both ends of the galvanized pipe used to the extension. Thread 1 end of the pipe into the water pipe where the faucet was removed. Tighten the pipe clockwise with a pipe wrench.

Thread the galvanized coupler on the outer end of the extension and then tighten it with the pipe wrench.

Wrap plumber’s tape around the threads at the bottom of the faucet. Thread the faucet into the outer end of the coupler and tighten it with the adjustable wrench, stopping when the grip is facing upward.

Close off the grip on the faucet. Turn on the primary water supply to the house. Turn on the faucet for five seconds to clear the water. Turn off the faucet and check the new links for drips. Tighten any links, as essential.

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