The way to Combine a Headboard and Footboard to a Rail Bed

When you’re assembling your bed, you might realize that the bed maker used one of the two systems to connect the rails into your headboard and footboard. The rails may have hooks which fit into slots, or else they may have brackets for bolts. Either way, assembly is seldom an issue.

The Bolt-and-Bracket System

If the bed maker used the bolt-and-bracket system, you will see flat brackets attached to the ends of the rails and bolt holes in the headboard and footboard. On each side, slip a bolt during the headboard, connect it into the railing and then tighten the nut finger-tight; attach the rails into the footboard in the exact same way. The underside supports of the rails should face the middle of the bed. After connecting the footboard to the other ends of the rails, insert the rest of the bolts and tighten all the nuts with a wrench.

The Hook-and-Pin System

If your bed rails have hooks, you will see slots on the legs of the headboard and footboard. Turn the rails so that the hooks face down, and add one end of one rail to the slot to the leg of this headboard — the underside support of the railing should face toward the middle of the bed. Insert another rail into the flip side of the headboard, and then hook the other ends of both rails into the footboard. Push down firmly on the rails with your feet after you have made all four links to seat the hooks on the pins within the slots.

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