Guest Picks: Dots Done Right

There’s not any doubt that dots are in fashion nowadays. For me, they’re always in fashion; I don’t think I’ve ever met a dot that I didn’t like. There’s just something irresistible, happy and peppy about polka dots.

Polka dots could be incorporated on your decoration in big and small ways, and occasionally it’s the tiniest of dots which add the largest punch. Here are my 20 selections for incorporating polka dots to your house. — Trina from La La Lovely

John Lewis

Dualit Emma Bridgewater NewGen Toaster, 4-Slice, Polka Dots – GBP 225

A polka dot toaster might be on the top, but not to the polka dot enthusiast. This little toaster would be perfect for a holiday home where life is not so serious. It makes me happy just looking at it, but I am even more happy knowing that it makes toast!


Sweet Small Polka Dots Creamer by The Cupcake Kid – $19

The imperfect, handpainted blue dots make this yummy small creamer perfect. It would make serving coffee and tea sweeter.


Polka Dot Hand Towel – $28

This polka dot pattern is really airy and light. I would love to brighten up my powder room with these hand towels.


Painted Dot Airgo Armchair – $199

This is just the chair to perk up a dull office space. The dots are certain to pack a punch on the longest of workdays.


Moondance Shower Curtain, Shades of Gold – $150

This gold-dot shower curtain is reason enough to get up in the afternoon. It’s so happy looking you might even end up getting a morning person after all.


Soft Hand Woven Silk Velvet Ikat Pillow Cover by Sukan – $69.95

The big dots on this pillow add as much drama. It’s a small piece that is guaranteed to make an impression.

Lands’ End

School Uniform Girls’ Konserve Dot Cloth Sandwich Napkins, Electric Pink – $13

These fuchsia-dot napkins will make an everyday dinner an outstanding dining experience.


Small Pongo Klippans Yllefabrik – EUR 395

Black and white polka dots are the ideal. I adore this reversible blanket. Both sides are equally pretty and interesting.


Prestino Sofa – $12,000

This subtly dotted sofa is beyond gorgeous. It functions in pattern in the most neutral of ways. I’d love to get this little couch in my house.

Lands’ End

Dot Beach Towel – $35

Dotted beach towels are as cheery as cheery gets. Maintain a big stack of these for guests during summer time.


Hand Woven Original Lumbar Silk Polkadot Ikat Pillow Cover by Sukan – $49.95

In my view, among the best combinations is the colour pink and polka dots. I’d use this pillow in any room to add a little bit of colour and layout.

Greenhouse Design Studio

Personal Polka Dot Cereal Place – $69

I adore the idea of having a specific plate and cup for milk and biscuits. I adore the idea of getting this particular set more.


Colossal Dots Curtain, Coral – $138

These dotted curtains are really gorgeous. I like how airy and light they’re, and the colour is perfection.


Larabee Road Platinum 5-piece Place Setting – $139

These polka dot location settings are fairly but not pretentious. I’d be happy to start a collection.


Chelsea Plaza Tall Vase – $140

Flowers are fairly on their own, but I imagine that they are prettier in this dotted vase.


Marbled Potpourri Pyramid – $43

This Marbled Potpurri Pyramid is so trendy. The circles make a polka dot pattern and allow all of the fragrance through. I’d like you for my bathroom.

Paper Straws, Polka Dots & Hearts – $4.50

Pulling a little polka dot in the drawers is never a bad idea. These polka dot straws are enjoyable for children and grownups alike. They’d be just right for a party or some plain old moment.

Mia + Finn LLC

Yumi Duvet Cover – $280

This dotted duvet will cause you to want to stay in bed forever. The colours are subtle and sweet.


Vintage Dottie Rug, Teal Blue – $99

I’d love to incorporate this carpet into a kids’ area. It’s so peppy and fairly.


Ditsy Dot Ruched Drape – $59

These dotted drapes add a little additional something to dress up the windows on your property.

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