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Renovation Detail: Arts and Crafts Interior Trim

The practical task of door and window trim is to hide the gap between the rough opening at the wall and the door or door frame. Beyond the practical, trim is an aesthetic choice, letting you express your own personal style or pay homage to your home’s history.

My husband and I purchased our historical Arts and Crafts house over a year before, and our goal is to bring every doorway and return to its origins with Arts and Crafts–design trim. Even though a few of the original rough openings were blessed with well-executed, historical trim, we have had to make a lot of it from scratch. Inspired by the original, present design in our house, our Arts and Crafts trim features square section casing with ornamentation at the top. A cornice, bed molding and applied bead unite to create the conventional trim design.

Trim of almost any design behaves a focal point, highlighting fine craftsmanship and top-notch materials.

We assembled the trim round this doorway in my house from scratch to match the window’s existing Arts and Crafts casing. It works with our five-panel doors.

Alix Bragg Interior Design

A space can never have too much Arts and Crafts–style trim. Here it is installed around loft doors and a dormer window.

RW Anderson Homes

Arts and Crafts–style trim pairs beautifully with additional architectural features. In this Washington state house, wainscoting and crown molding are easily added into the mix.

TRG Home Concepts

I spy with my little eye crafts and crafts–style trim. Notice the close-up perspective of this bead and cornice at the top.

Dresser Homes

Featuring Prairie-style muntins and Arts and Crafts–style trim, these four master bath casement windows are architectural showstoppers.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

This New Hampshire doorway comes with a simple Arts and Crafts–style trim installed round the mudroom’s pocket door.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

Natural trim finishes look best when the trim parts are matched for color and grain grip, as exhibited in this South Carolina dining nook.

Aquidneck Properties

Having a cornice, bed molding, head decoration and bead above this transom window, it turns into the dining room’s focal point.

Home & Harmony

Even with a matryoshka doll set featured from the window, one still sees the striking Arts and Crafts–style trim.

In my house we honor the Arts and Crafts aesthetic. What is your taste? Let us know in the Remarks section.

So Your Style is: Arts and Crafts

Leah and Kris’ 1922 Arts and Crafts Renovation

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10 Home Fixes That Require a Pro

We are all for enabling homeowners to choose on their own improvements. You save money, gain confidence and receive the gratification of custom tailoring your home with your own two hands. But when it comes to certain jobs — plumbing, for instance — we draw the line. Even though these 10 jobs might be inside the range of a very knowledgeable owner, for most of us, they require help from somebody who handles them for a living.

Marcus Gleysteen Architects

1. Foundation repair. If your foundation is in trouble, so is the rest of your house. Wall cracks, sagging ceilings or floors, lopsided doorways and other red flags add up to one alternative: a call into your foundation contractor. It’s well worth investing in professional help to make certain your house remains on sure footing.

186 Lighting Design Group – Gregg Mackell

2. Electrical wiring. We haven’t yet met a builder who believes that wiring is a DIY job. That doesn’t mean that you can’t replace an old fashioned fan or set up a new garage door opener — we are talking about serious, behind-the-walls electrical work. Not only does one need thorough knowledge of their very updated building codes, but the worst-case scenarios are really, actually bad (house fire, injury, death). Hire a licensed electrician for your own safety and peace of mind.

Erin Hoopes

3. Elimination of a load-bearing wall. Knocking a wall out sounds simple, right? Well, if it is load bearing, meaning it conveys and distributes weight, things get a lot more complicated. Eliminating this type of wall wipes out support for those ceilings, floors and other structural elements that break on it and that can have disastrous consequences for your whole home. Additionally, the wall could comprise wiring or ductwork which you don’t need to disturb. Leave this catchy and time-consuming task into your remodeling contractor.

Poor House Interior Design

4. Major plumbing. Two words: water damage. You are likely to set up a new faucet, a showerhead or possibly a bathroom, but when it comes to the larger stuff, expert is the way to go. Pipe connections and other trouble spots could spring leaks which could cost you dearly in the long term. Here’s a good rule of thumb: When it involves work behind the walls, don’t attempt to manage it all on your own.

5. Natural gas lines. Remember the worst-case scenarios with electric work? Same with gas. It may sound simple to conduct a gas line directly to a grill or fire pit, however it is not. Call the gas company and thank us later.

Lizette Marie Interior Design

6. Tile and tub resurfacing. Although this can be an inexpensive alternative to ripping out and replacing dated tile or an old tub, don’t hesitate to save even more by trying it yourself. From the compounds used to strip off the old end to the delicate technique of applying a new one, it is a specialized job which calls for specialized help.

TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design

7. Roofing. Besides the fact that roofing goofs can wreak havoc if they flow, balancing on a steep incline of shingles using a toolbox is harmful, particularly if you’re not properly trained. Employ a roofing expert to make confident that the task gets done correctly and that you won’t confront a treacherous fall.

Windsor Companies

8. Tree removal. Smaller trees (say, 10 or 15 feet high) are OK to decrease your own, but whatever larger should have you rate dialing the tree service. To begin with, amateurs and chainsaws rarely mix well. Then there’s the artwork of gauging where the tree will collapse — miss the mark, and it could strike a power line or crush a wing of your residence. And seeking to balance up high while you saw limbs off is an ER trip waiting to happen.

Dreamy Whites

9. Stripping old paint. Don’t take a chance with this one. Paint which goes from the late 1970s or earlier could include direct, and breathing in the dust since you scrape it off may lead to health issues. Protect yourself and your loved ones by turning the task over to a certified lead-abatement contractor.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

10. Wood-burning chimney or stove installation. Fire security is the biggest concern, however this is a very complex job which requires an comprehension of special factors beyond the fireplace itself, such as insulating material. Attempt it yourself, and you are literally playing with fire. And you know what they say about that!

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News: Remodeling Heats Up

Spruce Up the House With 50 Clever DIY Ideas

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Rugs to Covet: Madeline Weinrib

Approximately four years ago I walked into a small design shop in San Francisco and has been positively bowled over with a pink carpet with silver medallions. It seemed to encompass everything I loved about design, such as a few paradoxes. It was concurrently geometric and natural, lively and elegant, inspired by ancient design and yet completely modern.

Thus began my love affair with the textiles and rugs of Madeline Wienrib. The granddaughter of ABC Carpet & Home creator Max Weinrib, Madeline is famous for layouts inspired by the patterns of India, Morocco and Asia. Until she does a line for Target (a girl can dream) she will stay very, very high on my covet list.

Eclectic Rugs – $875

The chenille Mandala carpet with metallic silver accents. The carpet that started it all.

Yvonne McFadden LLC

The cotton Mandala carpet in Steel. Perhaps it doesn’t take your breath away, but it is definitely marriage material.

Vanessa De Vargas

The cotton Brooke carpet in Chestnut. A modern classic.

Madeline Weinrib

Hot Pink Brooke

The Hot Pink Brooke. Similar, but way hotter.

Niche Interiors

The Brooke carpet in Tibetan wool. Kind of makes you want to get naked and roll around.

Beckwith Interiors

The Otto carpet in Grape. Inside this room it is the focal point, but it also lends itself to layering and lots of rich design.

Zoe Feldman Design, Inc..

A runner in wool. This design can no longer be accessible, but it is gorgeous to look at.

Madeline Weinrib

Pink Suzi Tibetan Wool Rug

The Pink Suzi. Oh. My. God. I wish you can feel it. It’s like walking on the rear of a very small lamb fed just strawberries and cream.

Madeline Weinrib

Pink Sommers Suzani Bags

Did I mention that she makes evening bags? You know, in case you want one to match your amazing Tibetan wool runner.

Madeline Weinrib

Madeline Weinrib Empire Coat

Or maybe an ikat empire-waist coat to decide on your pillows, rugs and bedding?

Madeline Weinrib

Multi-Plum Ikat Pillow from Madeline Weinrib Atelier

One of many ikat cushions.

Madeline Weinrib

Blue Collins Ikat Bedspread

Custom-made bedding. Also available in other colours.

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11 Area Rug Rules and How to Break Them

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Guest Groups: A Man Cave a Woman Could Love

We’re in the middle of March Madness around here, which means basketball 24/7. This has me thinking how fine it would be if I could create my husband his own individual cave. Both of these words make most women cringe, but I feel the ideal mix of pieces can be found to design a manly area that even we girls could feel joyful about. Here are 20 “masculine” products I would love to utilize to design a man cave within our house.
— Emily from Emily A. Clarke

Home Decorators Collection

Gordon Tufted Sofa, Blue Leather – $999

A timeless Chesterfield couch in blue for under $1,000? At this cost, it may be fun to organize your room with some of these beauties.


Mustache Quote Printing Typography Poster A3 From handz – $19

Every man cave should have a bit of humor. The mustache craze continues with this adorable poster.


Series 11 Six-Drawer Console by Blu Dot – $1,999

Considering that the TV is normally the focus of any man cave, shouldn’t it have a beautiful console on which to sit (or hang above)? This one is the best union of modern and rustic — and provides ample storage for DVDs, games and whatever else you want to hide out.

Geometric – $249.95

A huge bit of colorful artwork is a fantastic addition to any man cave. It gives you a wonderful color palette to work from and will blend well with more personal momentos, sports posters, etc..

Restoration Hardware

Grand Leather Bean Bag Chair – $845

Yes, bean bag chairs are for grown-ups too! Great for lounging and additional chairs, this one comes at a beautiful worn leather.

Arch Floor Lamp – $399.95

I really like the sleek, modern look of the floor lamp. And, its metallic finish gives it a wonderful industrial feel.

Jayson Home

Natural Cowhide – $795

What says “manly” just like a cowhide rug? It can also add a good deal of texture into a room and looks great layered over a natural area rug.

Vanguard Furniture

Tate Recliner

Isn’t it a requirement that every man cave possess a recliner (or two)? That being the case, this sleek variation would make a lovely — and comfy along with your space.

Ballard Designs

Upholstered Cube – $147

These little cubes are so flexible, and look great in a bold pattern. I would use two or even four to serve as an impromptu cocktail table or as additional seating for the big game.


Axel Round Dining Table – $2,160

I would add a round table for game night, cards, etc.. This one just happens to have a midcentury design with gold legs.


Sven Leather Dining Chair – $1,500

A set of those chairs would be great around a round game table. They are sleek and masculine at the same moment.

Shades of Light

De Vine Wood Ball Chandelier – $479

This light is made of woven twisted vines and is certain to be a fantastic conversation piece. It might add a ton of feel and is certainly not a girly chandelier!

Z Gallerie

Everglades Square Wood Tray 24″ x 24″ – $57.95

This big square menu could be perfect to use for drinks or snacks, particularly sitting on a cocktail ottoman.

Shop Ten 25

Tangerine Ziggy Pillows – $150

Even a man cave deserves a little color. I would add some of those abstract chevron pillows in tangerine.

Restoration Hardware

Fishing Weights – $79

I really like the vintage appeal of those fishing weights. They are perfect as door stops, paper weights or for accessorizing tabletops and bookshelves.

Home Decorators Collection

Cottage Accent Table – $99

End tables are essential for drinks (and remotes). This one is small enough to be tucked into a tight place. Additionally, it is in a fun color and costs less than $100!

Lamps Plus

Cinni Textured Bronze Desk Fan – $319.91

Guys love their fans, and this one has a great deal of vintage charm. It’s a great way to accessorize a console table and keep cool all at one time.

Jayson Home

Sepia Throw, Feather – $250

A striped throw is a good (rather than overly-feminine) method to add pattern to any couch or chair. And, it is going to keep you warm — if he ever invites you to watch TV in his man cave.

Z Gallerie

Faux Deer Antlers – $39.95

These faux deer antlers in silver are perfect for accessorizing your guy’s space. I would use them on a TV console to get a fantastic sculptural element.

Cost Plus World Market

Campaign Desk – $229.99

This casual desk could double as a sofa table and work space. I enjoy the industrial sense that it might add to a masculine space.

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