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6 Design Suggestions for Happy Pets

Being around nonthreatening animals, domesticated or otherwise, calms humans. The reason for this seems buried in our prehistory: Back then when we had been around other animals and all was calm, that meant predators were not lurking nearby, about to vie. Plus, the weather was likely fine.

When we’re less stressed we now have more mental energy at our disposal to do whatever we’ve set out to accomplish, whether that is having a good time hanging out with household members, writing a book or planning dinners for the next week. But there’s a catch: Having animals in our home is excellent for us psychologically only if these animals are happy and healthy. They add to the strain in our lives if they’re not. (A moping dog or a out-of-sorts cat does not improve anyone’s day.)

The good thing is that layout can make animals happier, just as it can people. You can produce a home where your pets feel as great as you do. It is hard to read the heads of pets, but when you learn about them as they spend time in your home, you’ll discover ways you may create your special animal buddy feel especially happy. Here are only a few ways to keep pets in great spirits.

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1. Some privacy, please! Make sure that your pet has privacy. Cats feel comfortable in their litter boxes whenever they’re at a room all their own.

Dogs may need a place in your home where they can get away from demanding kids or loud music, too. A covered kennel, doghouse or bed at a laundry area might be just the thing.

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2. Create sheltered spaces for pets to lounge in. Pets want places where they can decompress, just as you do. Those areas do not always have to be completely away from humans, however. Our pets are societal but great at self-preservation, just like we are.

Many animals, including humans, feel protected when danger can not creep upon them. While in the present world that is not as likely as tens of thousands of years ago, we’re still hardwired to believe that way.

So providing a safe spot where a pet can definitely let down their guard is vital. This feline feels at peace because the chair has a high back and can be at a corner, assuring the cat that nothing is going to creep up. Provide that security and you’ll have a serene, happy pet.

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3. Construct in a opinion. Pets will need to survey their land. Being able to look out the window while relaxing, as cats and dogs can perform with this cushioned shelf, is desirable.

In case you don’t have windows that are high, consider putting a safe pet gate in an opened door that leads outside.

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4. Let in scents and sounds. Animals rely on smells and sounds more than humans do. To let them feel safe, having open windows enables them to hear and smell what is lurking in their environment.

5. For exercising include places. Cats like climbing on cat trees, shelves, furniture, and anything that enables movement and elevates them off the floor. Small dogs like being able to run down long hallways without slipping and slipping, so add carpeting when possible.

6. Support aging pets. As pets get older, their needs vary, just as humans’ do. Recognizing those changes will prolong the positive relationship you’ve got with your pet.

Dogs’ joints, such as ours, stiffen up when they become older. Senior dogs like eating from a bowl put on a stand or brief bench that raises the bowl large enough above the floor so they can eat at a standard standing posture — no need to reduce the front part of the body or head too much.

Your turn What is your pet’s favorite place in your property?

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Get Organized: A Place For Your Pets' Stuff

Owning a pet is like having a child. OK, it is not exactly the same, however you still have to consider training, feeding, and washing themtaking them to go to the toilet and the doctor; and playing together. Not to mention all the stuff — it is amazing how quickly a pet’s stuff may add up. However, by purging unnecessary items and dividing things up according to action, you may keep your pet’s belongings tidy and readily accessible.

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1. Put aside a place for ingestion. A home for your pet’s food gives him a routine and helps keep prospective mess confined to a single area. This custom made solution is excellent because it prevents food from tipping over and dry food from slipping out all over the ground.


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As an alternative to built-ins, look into skid-free pet bowls and a big plastic mat. Look for a little nook where your pet can eat in peaceout of the main traffic areas.

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Keep food and treats tidy by setting aside an organized place to maintain dry food clean. This customized setup includes three drawers for snacks and meals directly above the feeding area. This is a beautiful solution to a messy problem, however a large airtight plastic container close to your pet’s feeding area is going to do the trick just fine.

Keep your pet’s food directly next to the feeding place. The less you have to bag their meals tote around the home, the less mess you’ll generate.

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2. Locate a place for their accessories and toys. Type through your pet supplies using basic organizational strategies. Toss what is broken or beyond repair, and donate unused toys to a friend. Torn leashes, tired brushes and died drugs ought to be thrown away, also.

Select a way to keep everything stored. Keep the leashes you use most frequently hanging from the door for easy access. Store toys in a bin where you generally play with your pet.


3. Give them a special sleeping place. I really don’t know about you, but fur is the thing that plagues my pet-friendly house more than anything else. It has definitely been a challenge to figure out what zones my kitty ought to be allowed into, and also the best way to instruct him to stay away from our red sofa. In case you have the space, a fantastic solution for this is to build-in a bed for your dog or cat. Animals love secure, snug spots in this way.

Crypton Doodle Dog Bed, Persimmon, Moderate – $130

In case a build-in bed is not a choice, a vibrant and lavish dog bed should do the trick. Tuck it away in a quiet place where your puppy remains near you when you’re at the kitchen or family room, however is outside of this instant traffic area.

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Perhaps they have already staked their claim in your favorite window seat. Removable, washable pillow covers keep things looking neat.

Native American Teepee – $24

A silent sleeping place gives your pet a safe and secure place to see if things are chaotic. My kitty loves to encounter his small cubby when we have folks over — it allows him watch the action without being part of it.

This contemporary teepee is the best place for your furry friend to snuggle up and hide during the day. And it is such a cute design, you won’t have a problem showing it in a principal area.

4. Keep track of the necessities. Keep your pet’s records in one secure place. Adoption and vet files, medical documents, and everything else ought to be stored with the rest of your important paperwork.

Keep creature medicines, flea remedies, and bathing materials in a place away from pets and kids. Even some normal pet shampoos may be toxic, so keep them out of reach.

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5. Solve the litter box dilemma. For cat owners, even figuring out where to place the litter box may be logistical headache. No one wants to know what is happening in there while they’re eating or watching TV. A lot of cat owners choose to put the litter box in a laundry room or a guest toilet, where folks don’t devote a great deal of time. Just remember that it ought to be within an low-traffic area where your cat could be lonely. Keep a broom, plastic baggies, additional litter and a scoop in there for easy cleanup.


ModKat Litter Box – $188

Even though a built-in cubby for a litter box is perfect, it is not realistic for everyone. This contemporary litter box solution is a fantastic method to contain the mess without having to deal with a clunky and hideous contraption. Who would have thought”attractive” and”litter box” could belong in exactly the same sentence?

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