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Kitchen of the Week: From Style Mishmash to Streamlined Farmhouse

Having lived remodels this farmhouse had little of the kitchen left. The new owners tore through the mishmash of styles and gave the kitchen a brand new start. Architect Robert Ross used vibrant colors and natural materials to make a modern farmhouse look. A new compact layout makes for plenty of storage but keeps the major walkway into the living room clear.

Kitchen in a Glance
Location: Boulder County, Colorado
Size: 204 square feet
Remodel time: two months

Fieldwork Architecture

Two miniature windows previously supplied the sole natural light sources within this kitchen. Ross added one additional window and additional task lighting.

Among the kitchen’s remodels caused the huge overhead wood beam. Even though the homeowners installed a steel beam from the ceiling and could’ve removed it, its character was loved by them.

Stools: Onda Stool; sink: Fireclay Farmer’s sink; faucet: Hansgrohe

Fieldwork Architecture

Surprisingly, this boldly colored kitchen originally started out as an all-neutral design. The clients considered cream-colored cabinetry initially, but in the long run they switched to a vibrant palette. Blue panel details and hardware help break up the all-yellow cabinets and blend in with the glazed ceramic backsplash.

Cooktop: GE Profile; toaster: KitchenAid; hood: Wolf; wall paint: habit

Fieldwork Architecture

Like the rest of the 19th-century home, the kitchen features low ceilings, restricting space for tall cabinets, upper cabinetry and open shelving. Extra-deep cabinetry plus a new pantry space compensate for missing space.

Storage takes up a lot of space within this kitchen, therefore Ross installed wings onto the staircase that could fold down if necessary, making it easier to move around. This feature accommodates the major walkway and into the living room.

Fieldwork Architecture

The new kitchen has the exact same general design as the original kitchen, but Ross removed a few unnecessary things for better storage. A little gas fireplace after sat at the refrigerator’s corner place. Since it was rarely used, Ross eliminated it to open the entire wall to get pantry space.

Refrigerator: Icon, Electrolux

Fieldwork Architecture

Stone and quartz countertops felt too cold for this farmhouse, therefore the clients opted for butcher block. End-grain bamboo provides a more modern touch.

Cabinetry: Hanley Woodworks; cupboard paint: habit

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10 Great Ways to Use Kitchen Corners

If space around your house is feeling tight, take a second look in your corners. If or not a corner is vacant or there is a pile of stuff you’ve been meaning to clean it up, it might be ripe for a small redo.

There are ways to make the most of a corner in every room of the home. I’ll start with the kitchen now. Whether you’re planning a remodel or just searching for a tiny intervention, here are some smart tips for corners you may not have considered.

Lake Country Builders

Insert a sink. A window over the kitchen sink is a popular style move and helps the drudgery of doing dishes. Get twice as much view by planning a corner sink that allows you enjoy the sights out either side of your dwelling.

Not sure? Take a Look at This ideabook: Can Be a Kitchen Corner Sink Right for You?

Best & Company

Make an Granite kitchen using a banquette. A small kitchen table and corner banquette maximize the chairs possible in a tight kitchen.

Allen Construction

Install a range. This is not a move for everybody, as it can take up additional space. What is great about it is the way it can work inside the work triangle, that it enlivens a corner and that it opens up the chance to display a special high backsplash.

Because this appearance grows more popular in the U.S., more corner-ready hood vents and ranges are making their way over from different countries, where it is already an established appearance.

Dalia Kitchen Design

Talk with your kitchen designer, builder and cupboard designers about placing a corner range. Unless you’re incredibly talented with DIY jobs, a corner range can cause some headaches. Some issues you’ll need to consider:

• Venting and how the port hood will fit in the corner
• Extra fillers next to the cabinets — doors and drawers will need to clean the oven when open.
• Look closely at handles whenever you’re opting for a range for a corner and realize that the oven’s manage may stick out beyond your cabinet fronts.
• Make sure that you have appropriate clearance to the toaster door when it is open — you can’t have it bonking in an island when it is only partly open. Also, think about attempting to hoist a hefty dish from it and see whether you have sufficient space to do this in front of the open doorway, or if you’re able to manage grabbing things from the sides.
• The corner range design works best with counters on either side.

Julie Williams Design

In this open-space program, everything is oriented toward the corner specifically, the view in the pub. Putting the range and vent hood in this corner creates a focal point where the backsplash extends all of the way up to the ceiling.

Renewal Design-Build

Have a cabinet and a window match. This is an example of smart kitchen planning; the glass-front cabinets nestle to the narrow area between the window and the adjacent wall. Make sure that you are leaving enough clearance to the cabinet door to open at least 90 degrees; factor in protruding knobs, moldings and windowsills.

The Closet Works, Inc..

Use a tall lazy Susan in the pantry. Long a favourite way to address deep corners, this is a fantastic storage solution for those of you using a pantry.

Glenvale Kitchens

Discover the brand new corner drawers. Talking of lazy Susans, a modern replacement is a profound, clever drawer that goes around the bend.

Screen special wares. A tower similar to this one can show off special serving pieces, cookbooks and plants.

Mary Prince Photography

Create family central with a miniature office. This kitchen workspace makes the most of a small corner, with upper and lower cabinets for storage and a computer for running the family. Note the thoughtful undercabinet lighting.

A set such as this makes for a great area to do homework, look up recipes, pay bills and keep track of the family program.

Sarah Barnard Design

Here is an example of a more stripped-down kitchen workplace, with just enough space to utilize and store a laptop or a iPad.

Check out more kitchen desk setups with style

Jeneration Interiors

Make an extra seating nook. Many people have a tendency to shove closets in every available space in kitchen. I have found I will pare down my belongings to fit in a small number of cabinets, and I’ll expand them to fill up a large number. If you have a look at what you really need and edit, you might free up room for a comfy corner seat.

Use shelves. This spacious appearance does not demand any special custom made corner pieces and makes a small kitchen seem larger than it truly is. The sole drawback is dust — I recommend using pieces you use and clean all of the time, and giving the shelves a dusting once weekly. This sounds like a pain till you find the magic of a duster with an extender, which will help you get the pesky dusting performed in a under a minute without a step stool.

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Kitchen of the Week: A Lease Kitchen That Moonlights

Andy Sermonia is one of those rare tenants with a great kitchen, which includes ample wood cabinets, granite counters and a granite counter. But prepping and photographing dishes for Sermonia’s blog still may be a struggle when she is working with a lot of ingredients. The photographer and mom maneuvers just like a whirlwind, making the most of her San Mateo, California, kitchen by finding new storage tricks and keeping her counter space clear and clean.

Cooking for the her website and her family may get complex in this layout, but the ample cabinetry helps keep things up and away from the counters.

Magnetized items keep must-haves neat. Magnetic spice holders and notepads — such as those on the side of the fridge at the far right of the photo — help Sermonia remain organized. “Laptops are really crucial for my recipes,” she says. “I always have one at the kitchen.”

Q. What’s one thing you enjoy on your kitchen?
A. It’s a lot of storage. I am able to hide away kitchen equipment easily, which is important to mepersonally, because I enjoy using a great deal of countertop space to work with.

Cabinets are organized carefully by task and types of items. Keeping items helps to keep counters clear and the kitchen looking spick-and-span. Any additional counter space may be used to dress things up with practical and pretty kitchen accessories.

To maintain her cabinets additional arranged, Andy often makes use of simple white hooks which may be attached with tape. “It’s definitely helped me with regards to storage, and it is great for tenants with landlords which don’t allow drilling from the walls.”

Q. What’s one storage or space-saving secret you have learned from your kitchen?
A. Keep everything close by — not they aren’t yet! Have everything categorized; this way, looking for things you need becomes easier.

Sermonia’s hardwood flooring make cleanup a snap. Since she elevates, she didn’t choose her kitchen finishes, but her all-white kitchen accessories and dishes produce brightness and goodwill.

Q. What are three of your kitchen comforts or accessories which you love?
A. Definitely the food processor — I use it a whole lot to prep; the mixer to get when I inhale pastries; and the oven.

Sermonia shoots the majority of the stuff for her website and portfolio in a little place right next to the kitchen. A little table with black and white backgrounds nearby helps her get the most from her house’s natural light.

Q. What’s one thing you aspire to modify in your kitchen in the not too distant future?
A.Since we are just renting, I’m learning more and more what I actually want in a kitchen. Absolutely lots of space, larger cabinets and a very big pantry! An island would be fine also. And since I’m 80% photographer and 20 percent cook, I really need large windows to allow a good deal of natural lighting in to picture my small kitchen experiments.

Straightforward, crowd-pleasing pasta dishes are one of Sermonia’s favourite things to whip up for a dinner party. This creamy mushroom pasta is a staple in her home and may be put together with nominal cookware and ingredients.

Q. What’s your go-to dish for a dinner party at your house, and why?
A.Almost anything Filipino. I grew up eating Filipino food and have watched my mom, father, aunts, uncles and grandmas cook it. It was something that came naturally and still does. And then there’s pasta! It’s simple, and everybody likes it.

Like most food-loving tenants, Sermonia dreams of the day when she could have a new kitchen exactly to her liking. “The best advice I could give is to make sure to always clean your kitchen and clean outside the countertops as much as possible,” she says. “The things on these, the better.”

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Kitchen of the Week: 1920s Renovation in California

Teal closets, Spanish-inspired tile plus a cozy breakfast nook assisted choose this kitchen Los Angeles from packed to charming. The owners, a family of four, wanted their kitchen to fit into the home’s 1920s architecture but have all the modern amenities. For the renovation, designer Erica Islas knocked out walls, played with bright accents and integrated smart lighting to start up the space.

Erica Islas / EMI Interior Design, Inc..

A breakfast nook takes up less space than a normal table and feels cozier to boot. “It is always a great option under windows when you have an empty corner like this,” states Islas. The seat cushions were tailored with a mattress advantage for a thorough finish, and Islas discovered an ideal vintage 1920s lighting fixture at a local antiques store.

Cabinetry: custom by Erica Islas; backsplash: Malecon and White Malecon field tile, Montecarlo Tile; countertop: Blizzard, Caesarstone

Before Photo

Erica Islas / EMI Interior Design, Inc..

BEFORE: The original kitchen was too small for the family to hang in. Islas took the wall separating the cooking distance from the table to open things up and allow light to stream in. Although the kitchen is right next to the dining area, she wished to maintain a casual dining area for breakfast and dinner.

Erica Islas / EMI Interior Design, Inc..

Roman shades open from the surface, in place of the bottom, allowing light in while maintaining privacy.

A kitchen desk becomes the ultimate communication center when equipped with a customized corkboard, a built-in dry erase board and a chalkboard.

Lighting: Dispela; floors: San Felipe, Arto; breakfast: habit by Erica Islas; window seat fabric: Sunbrella

Erica Islas / EMI Interior Design, Inc..

Islas transported the soffit across the whole room, making it feel more intimate and providing her the liberty to use lights down for ambience. “With old houses, electric is obviously a challenge as you are dealing with needing to upgrade wiring and adding in more circuit breakers, which costs money and ends up eating into budgets,” she states.

Sink: Kohler; faucet: Rohl; teal cupboard color: Turtle Lake, Dunn Edwards; glass knobs: Anthropologie

Erica Islas / EMI Interior Design, Inc..

Islas started off with the San Felipe pattern flooring tile and chose up a Spanish tile for the backsplash. A palette of terra cottas, whites and teal accents felt just like a natural fit. Islas utilized the teal on the cabinetry, tile and window seat fabric to tie the room together.

“After” photographs: David Young-Wolff

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Coffee Bars Energize Any Room

A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent. If you agree with this saying, you’re part of the coffee state. Folks are serious in their morning joe. Whether they’re in designer coffee shops or the workplace split, coffee drinkers everywhere are combined in this ritual.

Brew on this tidbit from Wikipedia: More than 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world daily. It’s the second most traded commodity after petroleum, just on earth. It’s no real surprise that with numbers like that a trend is for prep regions and individual coffee bars in style. Check out how designers are perking up kitchens, butler’s pantries and bathrooms with coffee.

Andre Rothblatt Architecture

This ultimate setup for a nice pot of coffee comprises a coffeemaker, a sink and an under-counter fridge. The sink is easily accessible for filling and rinsing, while the fridge is handy for keeping lotion. Coffee cups are saved stylishly on the countertop.

Andre Rothblatt Architecture

This prep area looks like it was built around this massive brewing powerhouse. My guess is it can make espresso, coffee, foamed milk and filter the oil from your vehicle! Just kidding about the petroleum, but what a thing of beauty. Note the coffee grinders point left and also the prep sink for new water.

Charmean Neithart Interiors

This coffee prep area can be found in the butler’s pantry, a great alternative location if the kitchen has been maxed out. There is a simple plug-in coffee maker with a wall-mounted faucet and storage above and below for coffee cups.

NW Home Designers

This cosy little coffee nook is positioned between two 24-inch pantries on the rear wall. This space is roughly two feet in diameter. A coffee prep does not have to be big. Everything you would need is here: coffeemaker, mugs with sink and fridge close by.

Renewal Design-Build

How about a coffee corner? Coffee, mugs and creamer all complete this vintage-inspired prep channel. Notice the way the painted backs of these cabinets underline the coffee service items.

Venegas and Company

The Miele Coffee System is a built-in alternative for coffee making. This unit is available with a water reservoir or plumbed-in option. Features include a coffee-bean container, integrated LED lighting plus a prebrew system. This particular kitchen has the discretionary bowl and cup warmer installed only below.

Dreamy Whites

A coffee prep area does not have to be complex. This quaint and beautiful area is really straightforward and effective. You’d require a small table, a coffeemaker, mugs, sugar and cream… and a friend over for a Dancing with the Stars recap.

Mark pinkerton – vi360 photography

Coffee from the toilet? Sure, why not? The Miele Coffee System allows for slick and easy installation almost everywhere.

Debra Toney, AIA Assoc.

Even 1 step further is the morning bar within this master bathroom. Usually this setup includes coffee service, a sink and sometimes a minifridge. The idea is to have your first cup of coffee when getting ready in the morning without needing to leave the restroom. Now that’s Four Seasons convenience.


This gorgeous kitchen with a fireplace on either side of the island is a superb area for lazy mornings and also reading the newspaper with your freshly brewed cup of coffee.

How can you take your coffee? Allow me to know in the Remarks section.

Mini Kitchen: A Touch of Luxury from the Guest Suite

Coffee Pots at Home Decorating

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Ideabook 911: Enhance a Galley Kitchen

“Can there be a way to make a galley kitchen special?” Asks user Cynd123 about the questions board. The answer is”absolutely!” Just as your kitchen is narrow and long, there is no reason it must feel like a tunnel. While not always perfect for more than 1 chef, galley kitchens are efficient space savers where the job triangle works just fine, and they deserve large style. See how to produce a galley kitchen layout special with artwork, pattern, flooring, lighting and a little shine.

elegueller arquitetos

When there’s a solid wall in the end, make it stand out with wallpaper or tile.

Erdreich Architecture, P.C.

An even better way to take care of that wall, even if possible, is a floor-to-ceiling perspective outdoors. Note how the route beyond the door appears to be an extension of the galley. If you do not have space for something this big, even just a small window can help.

Gary Hutton Design

Talking of lighting, add a skylight when possible. Note how this glossy planked ceiling reflects the lighting.

Supon Phornirunlit / Naked Decor

If opening the wall with a door or window outside isn’t feasible, place an eye-catching piece of artwork, like this picture black and white subway sign, in the end of the galley.

Supon Phornirunlit / Naked Decor

This homeowner had the option of opening one side of the galley to another area, but he didn’t want to sacrifice the upper cupboard storage. To compensate for the absence of natural lighting, he made sure to keep everything reflective and light by means of a glass tile backsplash and lighted cabinets with glass doors.

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

If you have sufficient storage space, punch through a galley wall to borrow visual space from another room. This may be via a pass-through hole or a half wall.

Amoroso Design

You might even be able to remove the wall completely and separate the kitchen out of a living or dining area via an island like this one.

Vanni Archive/Architectural Photography

Decide on a floor you adore. Among the pros of a galley kitchen is you won’t need very many square feet of the substance, which means that you can afford to splurge.

Hufft Projects

Adopt the long proportions by highlighting them with a rhythmic rug.

MN Builders

If you’re renovating or building, see if you can produce the galley wide enough for two cooks to match past each other with lots of space to spare.

David Churchill – Architectural Photographer

Don’t control your desire for style; there is no rule that says that a galley kitchen must be stripped and white down. No one will care that space is a little tight when a kitchen is as glossy and glamorous as this particular one.

Schwartz and Architecture

Borrow natural lighting from different rooms. Using open shelves rather than a wall for division on the left side of the kitchen opens up it making it lighter.

Kitchens by Design

Use particular cabinets. All these zebra wood cabinets stand out, and also the lengthy drawer handles emphasize the flat.

Jessica Kelly Design

If you can, max out the storage in your cabinets and forgo as many upper cabinets as you can.

Get some smart ideas for maxing out the space in the cabinets
Get a closer look in the window seat in this kitchen

Isler Homes

A chairs corner is really nice to have at the end of a galley. It allows the chef to have company without people getting in the way.

Isler Homes

Pay particular attention to light and take advantage of light under shelves and cabinets.

Archipelago Hawaii Luxury Home Designs

Boost the ceiling. Adding height vertically makes this space feel much bigger than it is.

Watch the first question and post a question of your own

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Kitchen Solution: The Open Island
The Well-Concealed Kitchen

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Thought of the Week: Float Ledges of Windows in The Front

The discussion around shelves will constantly rage on, with 1 side adopting the other completely grossed out from the dishes it may cause as well as the open appearance. In the event that you are completely one or the other, you probably can not persuade otherwise. But in case you simply do not have the partitions for it and want the design, this notion could instantly make you a change to the shelving camp that is open.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

Although you are low on cupboard space however do not need to obstruct a window, a shelves that are floating can have you covered. Not only do they make it possible for visitors to help themselves to a glass of wine or a cup of espresso, they are able to be put right in the front of windows. Try saying that

See more of the incredible house in our San Juan Islands Houzz Tour, and get useful hints for maintaining your shelves clear with 8 Thoughts for Immaculate Open Shelving.