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Cool Finds: 15 Modern Favorites Under $50

Whether styling an outfit or your home, we have all heard the rule of thumb of thumb: Mix high with reduced. Additionally, it is simply a practical matter when seeking to obtain everything to splurge on and in which to save. I frequently ask myself”Can I actually need this?” And as the answer usually lies somewhere in between,”Absolutely!” And”Not really,” it’s always reassuring to know that I shopped for style, and not merely for price. Here are 15 of my favourite regular products that score in both categories: high influence modern design pieces that will have your wallet thanking you.


Geo Dish Drainer – $48

These gradients and airplanes of blue can easily be mistaken for a sculpture in your countertop. Produced by Jorre van Ast who was inspired by the contour lines and levels of geography, this absolutely brings the cool back in to doing the dishes. The plastic mat takes up little space, and since the water drains downwards it makes you appreciate your dry dishes all the more.

Made in Layout

Pantone Magazine Holder – GBP 50

What is not to adore? Add a bold swatch of Pantone color to include just the right quantity of color punch to some wall. Get one in each of 7 colors, and neatly tuck away all your stray publications and papers. Each magazine stand also includes 6 magnets to pin your easy-to-lose to-do lists and receipts.

Pantone swatches available: 377C-Macaw green, 186C-Ruby Red, 14-0848-Mimosa, 286C-Royal Purple, 672C-Pastel Lavender, 15-5519-Turquoise and Cool Grey 10C.

John Lewis

Magnetic Spice Stand – GBP 28

Who knew saving spices might be so stylish? All these 6 magnetic jars can conveniently home your most commonly used spices. Let us see here: peppermint, oregano, thyme, rosemary…


Otto Floss Holder – $16

Yes, flossing could be fun! Particularly if this little guy, known as The Otto from Alessi, helps dispense it. Produced by Stefano Pirovano at 1998, open his back and put on your typical floss and have fun pulling the rope from his mouth. Also comes in blue, dark blue, pink or pink so that you can choose one that will match the rest of your bathroom decor.


Cheese Markers, Set of Six $9.95

These porcelain markers will have you saying cheese. Perfect for parties and letting your visitors know what exactly they’re eating. You can use a crayon or even dry-erase marker to supply your own desserts, and after the party’s over, it will come right off, making the markers prepared for the next social gathering. At $9.95 for a set of 6, there is nothing not to like!


Flying Hook – $23.50

Have you got a favourite piece of clothing that you just love to admire? I know I do. These flying vases are great for creating art from your fashion pieces to give them the extra special care they deserve.

abode-newyork. com

Spudski – Potato Masher – $16

I know what I’m going to be having to mash my berries this Thanksgiving. Inspired from the traditional ski pole (with a cross stitch detail on the rear of a vibrant rubber grip ), this”Spudski” potato masher comes with an ergonomic easy-to-grip rubber grip that makes it easy to hold from virtually any angle. The design of the noodle plate additionally pushes veggies from the stem to help it mash quicker and to self-evident. Gravy, anyone?


Strap – GBP 15

These giant rubberbands will have a tight grasp in your papers and ramble papers. Stylishly sleek, they’ll snap anything into place — such as good and bad reading!

Reiko Kaneko

Lip Tease Teacup and Saucer – GBP 27.95

Ever wish you had Midas’s touch? Let that dream materialize with this particular cup and saucer. The beauty of this golden kiss is not lost in the clean layout of the bone china. Also available with a platinum kiss.


Dalfred Bar Stool – $39.99

This super stylish black bar stool with adjustable seat height and foot rest is 39.99. Enough said.

Reiko Kaneko

Breakfast Express, Eggcup – GBP 16.95

All aboard the breakfast express! Adorably contemporary, this train car enables your egg roll in style. Also available will be the Toast Rack and the Salt and Pepper Cellar. These ceramic and wooden wheeled additions to your tabletop would make it hard not to play with your food.

Seltzer Studios

Unzipped Glass Bag – $20

I have got to admit that there aren’t very many techniques to create a plastic baggie — except to create it glass. This hand-blown permanent baggie is left available and eager for you to incorporate in some colorful candies, your pet goldfish (while you are cleaning out his actual home) or anything, actually.

Design Within Reach

Same Same But Different Glasses – $49

These smart drinking glasses designed by Norway Says live up to their”Same Same But Different” title and could make a wonderful conversation piece over breakfast. Every one of those three glasses has another shape, but each retains exactly the same quantity of liquid. Try fooling your family next time you volunteer to pour the orange juice.

Seltzer Studios

Conceal Book Shelf – $11

Here’s a product that helps you practice some practical magic. This hanging shelf allows your book titles tell their own story with its own minimal and unobtrusive design. Install a row of these and amaze your guests with the disappearing act.


CableBox – $29.95

One of the most well-known goods on Houzz, (additional to 566 ideabooks and counting), is this cable box. Nearly everybody suffers from cluttered cables, but this little box allows you tuck those little black snakes off, leaving you with a fresh and pleasant layout element.

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Shingle Style: Warm Home Design for Seaside into Suburb

First popularized by the Vanderbilts, Astors, Morgans and their peers, the Shingle style developed in New England in the mid to late 1800s in reaction to the highly ornamented Victorian revival styles. Simple forms and a minimum of ornamentation made the Shingle design America’s first”contemporary” design, suitable for your new suburban home in addition to beachfront”cottages.”

The Shingle style’s most telling feature was that it handled the home as one large volume of space that the outside wrapped round and enclosed. Like a balloon, the Shingle style outside was all taut and tensioned to hold the inside space set up.

The Shingle style fell out of favor in the turn of the 20th century when the Colonial Revival style came into vogue. It was not until the 1980s that the design arrived back in fame, having been resurrected by architects in New England. Today, new houses developed in the Shingle style could be understood from the Northeast to the Southwest, by the rugged coasts of Maine into the sunny suburbs of Southern California and everywhere in between.

BraytonHughes Design Studios

Unfinished shingle siding, white trim, green cloth awnings, gable roofs and deep recesses are all hallmarks of the Shingle style. In contemporary updates, the curves and volumes of the initial design are converted into more severe, angular shapes.

Rhodes Architectural Stone

Another trademark feature of Shingle-style houses is that the extensive usage of pergolas and patios to expand the living space to the outdoors.

Frequently large and rambling, the classic Shingle design is more a group of parts compared to one easy form. The easy forms and shapes and deficiency of fussy ornamentation are hallmarks of the design.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Shingle-style houses really like being located where there are large yards so that a strong inside/outside connection can be created. In this case, terraced landscaping and multiple porches connect the house to its yard.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

Bold gestures and oversized components, particularly at the entry and porches, add into a Shingle-style house’s grandness.

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McKay Architects

Shingle-style homes need towers, preferably with windows all of the way round, to create places to collect in the sunlight and catch the surrounding views.

Tracery Interiors

Here, the Shingle style is adapted into the Southeast. It has the same group of forms and shapes, the oversize gestures and tower — but with a wide, sheltering roof to give shade from the hot Florida sun.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

With its plain stucco foundation and simplified forms, shingle siding, eyebrow dormers and a strong vertical element, this house incorporates elements of both the Shingle in addition to the English Arts and Crafts styles.

Christopher A Rose AIA, ASID

An explosion of roofs, turrets, balconies, porches and more, this house has all of the identifying features of the new Shingle design.

CWB Architects

Here is a clearly modern interpretation of the Shingle style, all stripped down and simplified.

Austin Patterson Disston Architects

This Shingle style home is seemingly built from the stones on its own website and anchored to its coastal landscape. Anchored in place, this house provides a perch over the rugged coast in true Shingle-style fashion.

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