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Butterfly Roof

Sharp angled roof lines that incline to the center create a butterfly roof. Popular after the nuclear age, this midcentury roof layout was a response to the boxy brick facades of the postwar norm. The crevice in the middle of the sloping roof was able to collect water in drought-affected locations, and the sharp angles let for excellent vaulted ceilings.

Gardner Architects LLC

This butterfly roof has equal-length sides and acts as an eave for the coated deck below.

Four Corners Construction, L.P.

The downspout of the butterfly roof shows where the water tends to run off, directly at the crevice where the two slopes meet.

Michael Tauber Architecture

This is an illustration of a butterfly roof. The lines of the structure are long and low, feature of contemporary design.

Neiman Taber Architects

Tongue and groove panels line the eaves of the contemporary butterfly roof.

Gaulhofer Windows

Though this looks like a butterfly roof, it’s really comprised of 2 skillion roofs, which both slant inward. The advantage of this is the vertical distance between allows for a wonderful clerestory window.

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Barge Board

A barge board covers the ends of rafters at the gable end of a roof just like a fascia board, but it’s carved and decorative. They’re also called fly gable rafters or rafters.

Landmark Services Inc

The barge board on this dormer has been trimmed with gentle curves.

Landmark Services Inc

Every gable end of the roof and its dormers has a barge board.

Warwick Avenue

Barge board is purely decorative, following the components are complete added.


Decorative bargeboards are found on English Tudor, Gothic and Queen Anne style homes, giving a fairytale or gingerbread house quality to the facade.

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Unusual Fireplaces: Bright Areas for Average Homes

The typical American home tends to lack signifigant architectural detail. Long, straight rooms of white on white with small molding and builder-grade doors may get old. One of the simplest ways to add a punch would be to add a fire feature. The visual impact of a fireplace may enliven a space, and the heat of the fires can create any space comfy.

Check out these fire attributes included in specific ways — you could just be prompted to bring several fires for your next home improvement project.

California Home + Design

A fireplace may liven up an easy white space. Instead of going with a conventional arrangement, try an asymmetrical one. A thick black mantel provides the feature dimension.

Bill Fry Construction – Wm. H. Fry Const. Co..

White isn’t your style? Try out this arrangement with a rustic stone surround and organic wood mantel. It works flawlessly with the angled line of this ceiling.

Samuel H. Williamson Associates

A fireplace is not simply a boon to indoor spaces; it may liven up an exterior as well. This chimney provides a basic ranch shape more character and lends a cottage feel.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

Perhaps you don’t need a fireplace inside, however an outdoor fireplace will be perfect. Adding a fireplace instantly creates an outdoor space and may expand your living room.


If you don’t have a fireplace, you may add a hint of a hearth with a mantelpiece.

Mark English Architects, AIA

Fire has a home in this kitchen via a wood-burning pizza oven. Can there be anything more reassuring than a pepperoni pie baking over open coals?

hatch + ulland owen architects

If a pizza oven is too large of a commitment for you, maybe a conventional fireplace is the best addition to your kitchen and dining room. This fireplace, set behind the dining table, adds interest to the back wall and a homey glow to winter nights.

Built Incorporated

If your appearance is more contemporary, a sleek concrete encircle might be the way to go. This appearance is anything but ordinary.

Alpha Design Group

Here is another surround set to a wall. A gas fireplace lessens the maintenance and cleanup of a conventional fireplace.

However you choose to design the space, a tiny fire or the suggestion of it may incorporate a warm, reassuring touch to your home.

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Industrial Smart Fireplaces

Fireplace was created by man in the beginning of the planet, yes, but the hunt for the most encouraging fireplace remains even now. Initially a means to warm a hearth, an area and cook meals still offers a heating glow in a room. Now the hearth is a heating central place for cozying up by yourself, or party with family and friends. It may also become a focus to get a chamber particularly when lit in winter to develop about.

We can get the kind of fireplace we would like. No demand to consign ourselves to over stated or conventional (or or higher-adorned) mantels. In this appear at industrial-smart fireplaces, simplicity and garbage will be the purchase of the day. And this power sander pared-down undertake hearths can transfer into many home fashions that are different. In straightforward extravagance, we can be cheerful, we can be warm from the fire.

The lovely detail in the wall pairs with this particular easy fireplace that was concrete set flush to the floor.

mark gerwing

Seen from all sides, this fireplace warms out of every angle in the space while including a room section that is subtle.

Symbol Brand Architecture

This extraordinarily shaped fireplace flows with this particular room that is general, nevertheless supplying a a reduced ledge for chairs and firewood.

Jay Hargrave Architecture

I adore this easy mixture of brick and metal, by what means the chamber provides a refinement that is uncooked.

BW Interiors

This lovely room combines light and dark so wonderfully, and features to the elegant vibe even video and the delicate fire-box.

Markus Canter (FCB:Layout)

By retaining this wall easy and including just a little square for the fireplace valuable space is saved. The crude hearth in this space that is sleek becomes nearly artwork.

Dufner Heighes Inc

This hearth provides an identical effect, as well as the feel of the wall depth is added by it self without litter.

Contemporary house architects

This hearth is a slick inclusion right into a space that is natural. Discretion reigns here, with the nearly-concealed TV as well as the refined and the lower ledge below the fire-place.

Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects

This hearth adds an open, contemporary room and astonishing detail without attracting an excessive amount of attention to it self.

Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects

Chanel mentioned to try looking in the mirror prior to going out, then remove one accessory away. This space sticks to the best thing about understatement.

Amy Lau Style

The combination of supplies, shapes, and colors of neutrals get this area entrancing and stylish. An astonishing inversion is offered by the framework of the hearth.

Searl Lamaster Howe Architects

I really like how Houzz participant Favero added this to his ideabook and mentioned that what he enjoyed about it was just “the unit.” This entire space IS a Mazing in its entirety that is simplified —and that lifted an ideal touch is added by fire box.

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