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How to Repair Household Appliances

Whether you’re dealing with a broken washing machine or a faulty kettle, learning to repair your own appliances can help you save a ton of money that you would’ve otherwise spent on hiring a professional repairman. Little do most people know that it doesn’t take much to repair the common household Chandler appliance repair that we use on a daily basis, and most require only the use of very simple and inexpensive tools. You’ll also find that sourcing replacement parts is relatively easy and can be done online at reasonable rates. Read on to find out how to fix some of the most common problems that you’re sure to come across with your ovens and other electrical appliance repair Chandler AZ.

No Heat on the Electric Oven

What do you do when your oven doesn’t heat up when you switch it on? A good first step would be to pull out the element back to examine the wires. If you find chipped, frayed or broken wires, then cut away the damaged areas while removing a miniscule amount of the insulation part.

One of the major causes of a faulty electric oven is a burned out element. However, if your oven lights still come on with perhaps lukewarm heat, then you might just need to simply switch on the circuit breaker to solve this problem.

No Heat on the Gas Oven

If your gas oven won’t switch on even after you’ve plugged it in then you might be dealing with a problem with the lighting mechanisms, which are as followed:

1 – Spark Ignition: The click sound that you hear when your oven switches on is caused by the spark ignition, but it is not a common component in the construction of modern gas ovens.

2 – Pilot Lights: The pilot lights are what give the burner its flame to ignite the oven. This component is accessible and easy to spot through the opening of the boiler rawer. Close to the tip is a thermocouple cylinder that when broken, can compromise the functionality of the entire pilot light.

3 – Glow Coil Igniters: Lastly, close to the back of the burner component is a glow coil igniter which glows every time you switch on the oven, thus signaling the burner to alight through the gas valve opening.

You can fix this problem by first removing your oven racks so that you can work freely, followed by the metal burner on the bottom. Take this opportunity to clean out any accumulated dirt inside the holes of the burner. Next, you should loosen the igniter by removing the screws and disconnect the terminals to the old igniter in order to connect a new one, and then safely place the wires again and put the igniter together using the screws you undid earlier.

Gas Dryer Won’t Heat – The Igniter Doesn’t Heat Up

To fix a faulty gas dryer, you can start by unplugging the wires that connect the dryer to the burner assembly and turn the dryer on by plugging it in. Light the tester by pressing its leads into the dual terminal. If that doesn’t work, try the thermofuse by disconnecting the dryer, as well as the two wires that connect to the thermofuse. Fix the multimeter to setting RX-1 while making sure that the leads are on each terminal, and if the dial is still blank then it’s time to replace the thermofuse.

You might also need to lift the burner assembly out, for which you must first switch off the gas valve which is placed close to the burner. Make sure that the multimeter is set to RX-1 and link the two probes with the igniter leads using their tips to get a reading and if you don’t then that means the igniter is no longer functional and will need to be replaced. To replace the igniter, unscrew it and slip the new one in its place before screwing it in place.

Gas Oven Doesn’t Heat – The Igniter Heats Up

If the igniter is heating up while the gas oven is not heating up, you should remove its old coils by unscrewing from the metal cover so that it’s easier to lift it out. Then, insert the new coils by sliding them onto the available metal posts and place the metal cover back on again.

Electric Dryer Won’t Heat

To fix this problem, you need to unplug the dryer first and then disengage the wires of the heating element before testing it with a multimeter. If nothing happens, that means your heating element has malfunctioned and needs to be replaced.

Detach the screws which keep the lint catcher attached to the top and then lift the hood with the help of a stiff putty knife and tilt it up until you see the heating element. Then, get rid of the top bracket and install a new heating element by removing the lid enclosure. Once again detach the four wires that connect it to the machine. Put in the new element in the opposite order, and slowly return the rest of the parts, starting with the top bracket followed by the lid and two screws.

The above repair tips for gas and electric appliance repair Chandler are just an example of how easy and simple it can be to repair the appliances in your home. As you can see, you don’t need elaborate equipment or even that much know-how in order to fix your appliances. Sometimes it only takes willingness and the right guidance to quickly fix seemingly difficult appliance damages.