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Finishing Touches: Professional Strategies for Installing Fixtures in Your Tile

A bathtub’s tile design can depend on just how your fittings and lights meet the tile. Ideally, fixtures are installed centered on a tile instead of on a joint. However, this involves cutting the tile, which is a process. Sometimes the holes end up in bad places on the tile design, and on occasion the tile can break.

These measures can help shorten and simplify the process. Cutting holes in tile does not have to be difficult — there’s only a different method, drill blade and bit for every type of material. Whether you are working with a tile setter or trying a small tile project of your own, understanding the ins and outs of the process can allow you to get the best possible outcome.

Martin Hulala

Bigger shower trims (plumbing fixture cover plates) are substantially easier for tile contractors to operate with. The bigger trim has more wiggle room and does not demand a very small tile cut.

Hint: Cutting a small square or rectangle could be simpler than drilling a large hole into tile. Consult your own tile installer to check your trims to find out if a small square cut will get the job done.

MAK Studio

What a tile design that is fantastic — it resembles no drilling was needed. I really like the bath filler comes from the center of four tiles.

Often the trimming for plumbing fixtures covers a massive area. For an installation like this, it could be simpler (and safer for your own tile) for an installer to clip each tile corner at a 45-degree angle rather than drill one-quarter of a hole to each tile nook.

Hint: You’ll need your installer to take note of any seal gaskets (the washer that prevents water from getting behind the trim) and plan your cut so that the gasket is correctly backed by the tile.

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Ceiling spaces can get cramped, so positioning everything right is vital. This bathtub’s steam generator and lighting have the ideal position. Since the lights fall at the center of the tile, a grout joint won’t weaken their vapor-tight seal.

Hint: Strategy these lighting places early so that you can make sure there isn’t any ceiling framing in the way of where you need your brand new showerhead or light fixture. We assembled this ceiling’s framing to specifically accommodate the massive rainhead and four LED pool lighting.

Ceramiques Hugo Sanchez Inc

This is one of my favorite baths. The oversize tile is installed perfectly. The tile for the shower controllers was drilled to get the pipes and mitered across the long edge (the base of the tile) to fulfill the tile on the top of the niche. Thus much effort for only 1 tile, but this look is well worth it.

Hint: Ask your installer to put in the tiles on your key focal points to make sure you get the precise look you desire.

W. David Seidel, AIA – Architect

This smart tile design didn’t need any drilling every fixture hole is set over a grout joint. This tends to be the easiest approach for sink installations similar to this, as you need to make only a semicircle cut in each tile. This is sometimes carried out with a blade, rather than a drill.

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Diamond Coring Bit – CAD 40

This is my favorite type of drill bit. These diamond coring pieces cost about $40 where I reside.

High-speed drills can destroy these pieces, so I favor having a low-speed cordless drill or a variable-speed corded drill to get slow drilling.

Hint: For holes bigger than 1/4 inch, tile and glass pieces usually work best. I try to keep three or two available for the smaller items in a toilet, such as toilet paper holders and shower bars. These pieces work well for ceramic and ceramic tiles, but I avoid using these on stones such as slate.

Gast Architects

When you or your installer drills tile, ensure there’s a small bucket of cold water nearby to cool the piece often. In case the water at the cuts begins to boil, then the piece hasn’t been cooled often enough. If a diamond piece gets too hot, the diamonds will fall off the drill bit and make it useless.

Hint: Drill especially slowly and stop constantly to cool the drill bit when drilling glass or some other tile. Glass cracks easily when it gets too hot, and the threat is high once you’re drilling into it.

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The tile pro who tiled this shower drilled a great hole to the shower hose. These holes have been drilled quite close to the edge of the tile, and that is hard to get right.

Hint: When drilling holes so close to the edge of the tile, ensure the tile is shielded from vibration damage. Fully support the tile whilst press and drilling to keep the tile from penetrating.

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