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New Classics: Woods Wallpaper from Cole and Son

I remember the very first time I watched”Woods” wallpaper. It had been in a small picture in Domino, and I immediately cut it out and started plotting which room will be ideal for this. Since I am really disorganized, I only got up to talking with some supplier in Philadelphia and then never found that a wallpaper hanger (at the moment, the background was so unpopular that the biz had become all about elimination ( not hanging). Bottom line: I’ve no”Woods” in my house.

I digress; it’s been mad watching how hot this background has become. In fact, if somebody wrote a thesis concerning the present resurgence in wallpaper’s popularity, I bet they’d monitor it all back into”Woods.” See how designers are using it every room of the home.

Elizabeth Gordon

This gorgeous dining room exudes its soothing texture from the woods, with its light mossy upholstered seats, matching ceiling, and wall of”Woods.”


This kitchen’s mid-century modern feel is made far more interesting by the addition of this paper. There’s a fun play between each the wood surfaces, the views of the trees through the windows and the gray-and-white picture of the woods on the paper.

Melissa Miranda Interior Design

The white on black version of this paper produces a powerful graphic statement in this small powder room. Additionally, its perpendicular orientation accentuates the height of this room.

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Giulietti Schouten Architects

The background provides the eye a place to rest in the big contemporary open floor plan of this attic.

Side Note: A horizontal screen floating in the trees seems like fodder for some type of mad post-modern poem or something, does not it?

Grace Home Design

The design functions in an entirely different kind of entertainment room, in this situation a really fun retro one with a great deal of patterns occurring and, most important, a rockin’ Star Trek TNG pinball machine.

Giulietti Schouten Architects

The vision of trees is a fantastic contrast to the general industrial vibe of this loft’s hallway.

Fifth Element Homes

Slender trees are just the correct adornment with this narrow wall that separates the dining room from the kitchen.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

“Woods” is a comfy choice for a powder room in a Vermont farmhouse.


Moving upstairs, this smart man has bedecked the stair risers in”Woods.”

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MJ Lanphier

An accent wall behind the headboard would be the best method to use this paper in a bedroom on a budget. The layout works really nicely with a pop of colour, such as the vivid blue comforter seen here.

Michael Fullen Design Group

This paper is also a wonderful choice for a child’s room. This provides a fantastic background for a mix of brightly-colored patterns and a stuffed animal collection.


Woods Wallpaper, Coral – by Cole and Son – $198

While neutrals are most popular,”Woods” comes in quite a couple of colour choices. This coral version can be found at Anthropologie, while others ranging from a soothing purple into an intense magenta can be considered on the Cole and Sons site.

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The Bathroom Functions High-Tech

Once upon a time, your bathroom was only a place to address your physical needs and practice your own personal hygiene. They have certainly evolved! Master bathrooms, particularly, are now spa-like havens with customized entertainment and comfort features. Below are a few technology add-ons you may wish to consider for your own home.

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Personalize your showering experience with electronic controls that allow you preset your favorite temperature, water quantity and massage settings. This can be equally time-saving and relaxing, based on which shower experience you are seeking. Kohler reintroduced its DTV system at the 2011 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show with a less expensive price tag, so you can now enjoy the customization advantages for approximately $1,000 prior setup.

SunBrite TV

If you love watching television, you may wish to think about adding that capacity to your bathroom. There are numerous alternatives available. A stand alone set, mounted on a wall where it can be seen from where you want to enjoy it , is one. I strongly suggest an outdoor-rated set to guarantee long-term enjoyment.


The latest way to add television to your own bathroom is with a medicine cabinet mirror. Similar to the TV-in-the-mirror concept, (next), this method adds always-welcome storage to the mixture. There is also an MP3 charger available within this sequence.


Séura Vanishing Vanity Television Mirror

Another way to add TV to your bathroom is right into your dressing table mirror. This is one of my preferred approaches, as it’s sleek and wonderfully convenient.

IDOC-PAD-DSWC – In-Wall Docking Station for iPad

If you want to have the ability to control multiple systems out of your bathroom — including climate, audio, video, home security, etc. — a full-house automation system tied to your iPad might be the solution you have been awaiting. Creston makes this particular system and David Van Wert, a Los Angeles-based technology expert, alerted them as a source.


Kohler – numi bathroom – $4,000

This is probably more bathroom — and more technology — than you need in your bathroom, but if being serenaded on the commode with your iPhone appeals to you, Kohler’s Numi may only be your favorite seat in the house.

Contemporary Bathroom Faucets – $348

I enjoy sensor faucets for bathrooms — especially shared bathrooms — since they decrease the spread of germs and minimize water usage.

You are able to go high-end with $700-plus designer versions, or more affordable, as in this Addison version by Delta. Either way, you may enjoy the benefits rather than have your guest bathroom or powder room appear to be a public bathroom!

CKD, jamie Gold, CAPS

Trufig Flush-mount Power Outlets

What’s high-tech about polished granite, you inquire? Look carefully and you will see the power outlet camouflaged in its surface. This Trufig outlet cover does its job with quiet elegance, so letting your layout be the celebrity, not the outlet attached to it.

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14 Ways to Place a TV in the Kitchen

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Sweet Luxurious: A Mini Kitchen for the Guest Suite

Once upon a time, when two or three generations of a family shared a home, we had what were called in-law suites. These functional in-bedroom kitchenettes have evolved into today morning kitchens.

They are perfect for homes with second floor masters, with frequent guests and for big houses whose bedrooms are somewhat far from the kitchen. And they’re still ideal for in-laws, too!

Here are a few sensible-style hints for adding a morning kitchen to another living area in your property.

Andre Rothblatt Architecture

Coffee is a portion of many folks’ morning routines. If you want to enjoy your first cup in the comfort of your master package — or provide this luxury to your guests — strategy a coffee station into your kitchen.

Rossington Architecture

A spacious master suite is often the place for a home’s morning , exclusively benefitting the homeowners. A bare wall — especially one financing up to the master bath for plumbed appliances can easily be enriched by fitting cabinetry hosting creature comforts.

The master bath isn’t revealed in this image. If it’s located where the door close to the balcony is located, I would website a morning kitchen on the wall in which the red picture is presently located.

Witt Construction

While master suites are the most frequent place for a morning , there is no reason a shared guest room or upstairs gathering area could not benefit from you, too.

These homeowners can put one in which the tv is located. If they have a similar niche elsewhere with this landing — especially one that backs up to some toilet in the event the kitchen needs plumbing — that could work just as well.

High Fashion Home

Herring Cabinet – $1,649

We have stashed clothing, televisions and linens in armoires… There is no reason why you can’t adapt one to become a compact kitchen. Be sure it can take care of the components that matter most to you, and it will fit in stylistically with your distance.

AJ Madison

Built-in Coffee Maker – $3,049

An upscale morning kitchen might include a built-in coffee maker. If it’s going to be plumbed, a wall that backs up to your own shower or dressing table could be helpful.


A dishwasher is a luxurious addition to a morning kitchen that gets a great deal of use. You’ll want to have an ultra-quiet model to keep the calmness of your space. You’ll also need a version that is available panel-ready to blend into the room.

Jamie Gold, CKD, CAPS

U-Line 3018RGL Glass-Door Refrigerator

There is A drink refrigerator a morning-kitchen staple. It permits you to store juice, filtered water, smoothies or another drink you would like to keep available to your morning routine.

Wine Enthusiast Companies

Enormous Under Cabinet Stemware Rack – $29.95

Your morning needs to have storage room for a small set of glasses and dishes — enough, perhaps, for a weekend’s worth of coffee, beverage and bite plates.

Do you own a morning kitchen somewhere in your house?

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20 Favorite Modern Bar and Counter Stools

Finding bar and counter stools can be a tough proposition. You want to discover the appropriate shape balanced with the ideal amount of comfort. You need to figure out the height. I discovered the hard way that there’s a difference between bar stools and counter stools: I impulsively snapped up three fantastic floor-model, final-sale bar stools and realized they left a mere 3 inches to squeeze the thighs beneath the kitchen staircase.

Ultimately, you want to locate stools at the ideal price, so this roundup comprises a range for every budget, from serious investment bits to steals.

Houzz Tip: Click on each photo to see merchandise tags for every one of these stools.

While each one of the stools are available online, I highly suggest going for a test-sit at a shop first. If that’s not feasible, be sure to check out the shop’s return policy before purchasing. If you have enough time, it is a fantastic idea to purchase just one to test it out in the event you do need to reunite it; depending on the retailer, you might incur shipping charges with yields, and it is a lot more affordable to return only one.

BAAN design

1. The Jamaica Stool: This hot counter blossom — a contemporary update on a tractor seat — is a favorite among designers.

Watch more Jamaica stools in action

Heather Garrett Design

2. The Cherner Stool: This midcentury timeless is a longstanding architect’s favorite, that spurred its rerelease from Norman Cherner’s sons. The gorgeous curved wood takes a timeless material and gives it a contemporary form.

Watch more Cherner chairs and stools in activity

Sullivan Design Studio

3. The LEM Piston Stool: The easy slip of a shape brings attention yet does not overpower the other elements inside the room. It comes in many finishes, whether you need crisp white…

John Maniscalco Architecture

… or rich walnut to decide on your kitchen. Additionally, it comes from blanched oak, many colors of leather and stainless steel.

Watch more LEM Piston Stools in action

Hufft Projects

4. The Onda Stool: This is one of those stools I have not had a opportunity to test yet, however, the potato chip-like kind is so dreadful I had to add it.

Watch more Onda Stools in action

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

5. The Emeco Navy Stool: This stool adds elevation to a hard-working midcentury chair, and is constructed to last a few lifetimes. The back gives plenty of support.

Watch more Emecos in action

Klopf Architecture

6. The Series 7 Stool: Produced by Arne Jacobsen in 1955, the Series 7 chair is now available in a stool version, bringing classic modern design to all styles of kitchens.

Watch more Series 7s in activity

Jennifer Weiss Architecture

7. The Bertoia Stool: Another midcentury timeless, Bertoia’s wire form creates a discreet silhouette that offers plenty of rear support.

Watch more Bertoias in action

8. The OFFI Jim Stool 30: This spinning stool adds circles to compact modern and modern rooms. Its form is simple enough to sidle right up to virtually any fashion bar or kitchen, from farmhouse to industrial.

Amoroso Design

9. The Spin Stool: Speaking of twist, this stool has great lines, tucks underneath the counter and is easy on the eyes and wallet.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

10. The Tolix Stool: This cafe stool dates back to France from the 1930s. Its enduring fashion has never been popular.

Watch more French cafe seating in action

Schwartz and Architecture

11. The Toledo Stool: This isanother industrial classic classic which retailers like Restoration Hardware now reproduce. Much like the Tolix stool, it fits just about every fashion of décor.

Amitzi Architects

12. Stool 1: This geometric stool has mad Victorian style, yet also has a hint of old-fashioned tractor seat in its own design.


13. The Knicker Stool: What I love about this Blu Dot feces is that it has modern lines which easily transition between traditional and contemporary spaces. The way it is upholstered makes it looks like it is wearing a comfy sweater.

Niki Papadopoulos

14. The True Excellent Bar Stool: Here is quite another stool, also from Blu Dot. This one horizontal packs and contains a minimalist, origami-esque type; it looks like some sort of contemporary prototype.

Tip: Start paying attention to the stools at restaurants and bars. If you locate one particularly attractive and comfy, track it down. If you are not sure who the manufacturer is, then snap a photo and place a picture of it on our Questions Board. We will do our best to help you locate it.

David Sharff Architect, P.C.

15. The Fjord Stool: Love the fun shape and vivid color on these bar stools. These are investment bits, so be sure to select a colour that you won’t mess of.

Pure Design by Jerry Bussanmas

16. The Felix Stool: This modern stool joins the beatiful grain of walnut veneer with chrome legs, which makes it a versatile option.

17. The Radius Stool: I can not say it better than my colleague Lily Gahagen did in her description of the stool:”The chair of the stool hints up like a grin, which makes for a cozy seat — and also a happy looking chair.”


Vapor Bar Stool – $199

18. The Vapor Stool: This acrylic stool offers comfort for the rear without obstructing the view throughout the counter or bar. If space is tight, then these help maintain an open atmosphere in a space.

Jensen Architects

19. Bombo Bar Stool: This sculptural bar stool makes me smile, since it is kind of like an ice cream cone for you to perch atop like a spoonful of ice cream. Oh, and yes, it also has mad, super-luxurious Italian design.


JULIUS Bar stool – $69.99

20. The Julius Stool: Simple and straightforward, the Julius feces from IKEA has more than ample cushioning and tucks right under the countertop. At $69.99, it is also a fantastic option if you’re on a tight budget.

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Cozy Up in a Built-In Bed Cubby

Would you wish to understand the 1 thing that defeats a super comfy bed in the wintertime? I will tell you: it’s a super comfy bed tucked into a corner or cubby. I’m unsure what it’s about sleeping inside of these spaces, however, the protective allure of tight quarters seems to evoke a snuggly slumber. Additionally, they can also prove to be good space savers, aid you in optimizing embarrassing darkened walls, and help one to sneak beds into unexpected places. Have a peek at the following design suggestions to find out whether a bed cubby might benefit you, your children or your visitors.

Ana Williamson Architect

Day beds can be lifesavers for additional sleeping choices. Turn a nook similar to this into a private bedroom with the simple addition of a twin storage bed and curtains.

Philpotts Interiors

You might think a storage or desk elements might be the best use of a nook similar to this, but in the event the bed fits, then use it to the bed. Fitting the most significant item of furniture into the corner will conserve space in the remainder of the space while creating a cozy little escape.

Dena Brody Interiors

A double bed will work too: just position it lengthwise. Add curtains to get an extra sense of privacy and coziness.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

If you are renovating, building or merely collecting ideas for the future, think about custom-built bed cubbies. Again, they are great space savers, especially when surrounded by built-in storage. Add windows to decorate the nook during the day.

Soorikian Architecture

Trying to determine how to optimize space in a space that will be shared? Bunk beds are always an alternative for making the most of room in a shared space, but to get a more sophisticated look, go for bed cubbies. Despite the fact that they’re in precisely the exact same space, these room-sharers will appreciate the feeling of privacy they get when in their individual nooks.

Cottages and summer homes are excellent areas for bed cubbies, since they are often full of additional visitors and family. This family room transforms into sleeping quarters by night as a result of built-in bed nooks.

Letitia Holloway

Install bunk beds into the cubby to maximize the sleeping space.

LKM Design

Placed beneath a slanted wall, a bed in itself might appear somewhat jammed. But when the space has been turned into a nook, it moves from embarrassing to romantic and cozy.

Ben Dial

Here’s another nook space created from a slanted wall. A little porthole provides an extra view.

Ellen Kennon Design

By clearing this out cupboard and inserting a mattress, this designer managed to create an additional sleeping nook in her home office.


Who said we are the only ones who love a comfy nook? Our four-legged friends deserve them, also.

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10 Highlights from High Point 2011

I left my first trip to High Point Market over the weekend. It’s so much fun to see new goods favorite designers have created, discover new sellers, and most important, take what for a test drive.

The twice-annual event in High Point, North Carolina, is perhaps the world’s largest trade show for the furnishings industry. More than 2,000 exhibitors from all over the world present their products to buyers, designers as well as the media in more than 10 million square feet of space. The 2011 fall market runs through Oct. 27.

Here are 10 furniture styles that popped up in the marketplace; some are familiar, some put a twist on existing trends, and some are brand new.

1. Reinventing the wheel. It was a pleasure to meet Joe Manus of Shiner. I’d admired his corrugated cardboard fittings at Dealers, a favorite East Atlanta store, but had no idea how far his talent spread.

The very best thing about visiting the treat-filled Shiner stall was lounging on this rockin’ mattress (it literally rolls back and forth). I wish I had had hours to take a real snooze.

2. Sustainable design. These rockers were one of Manus’s earliest layouts. Everything is crafted from materials that could have otherwise wrapped up in a landfill.

3. Live borders. Live-edge furniture hasn’t gone out of style, and is much more popular than ever. Also, a focus on sustainability in the design world is significantly more prevalent than ever.

Instance in point: Robin Wade Furniture, which focuses on green practices from choosing only sustainable timber (frequently trees that were already down), to hauling it no more than 60 mile to their studio, and even making sure their leftover bits are put to use. The rotted-out hole within this coffee table adds so much character and reminds you of this tree’s previous life.

4. Peacocks. Whether it was peacock blue colors on walls and furniture, oversize peacock feather patterns onto a rug, as well as peacock statues to tuck on shelves and tablescapes, this proud bird was a popular theme at High Point.

This vignette is from the package of amazing rooms by Global Views.

5. Wild lights. No longer dull wallflowers with simple layouts, sconces have gone crazy. This textured Horn Sconce in Barbara Cosgrove caught my eye from across the jam-packed booth. I would love to use 2 of them to flank a fireplace or a mirror.

6. Favorite lines extend into new places. I’ve been a huge fan of DwellStudio for decades, and it was a joy to find out their furniture in individual. I also enjoyed seeing the lineup they have created in combination with Global Views, particularly the Polish decal glassware.

DwellStudio’s Hans Leather Chair is inviting and comfortable; ideal for a mid-century space in addition to a man-cave. The caramel leather fabric option is even more scrumptious in individual than it’s in its online listing.

7. Groovy menswear-inspired design. While Jonathan Adler’s stall had amped up Happy Chic to an even more joyful chic flat, we have some peeks of menswear-inspired fabrics blended in, such as these fun, plaid, buttoned-down Mrs. Godfrey seats.

Watch more menswear-inspired design

The Jonathan Adler stall was merchandised into a series of groovy rooms such as this one.

8. Stepping up the natural look. While nature-inspired components still reign, the Serge p Troyer Collection has taken them to a whole new level, gilding branches to make an elegant table foundation, and designing an oversize antler-inspired floor lamp. Oh, how I want that floor lamp!

Watch more natural components in action

9. Brazilian beauty and craftsmanship. I am so thankful we popped into Platinum Decor on our way back to the car. Not only were they some of the nicest folks I’ve ever met, but the Tissot lineup, made by Brazilian designer Guilherme Tissot, knocked my socks off. This is the Laos Table Base, which looks like a cube cut from the middle of quite a large shrub, but is really a clever wood mix. The table has been paired with the Galle Dining Chairs, which have contemporary contemporary style with a unique Brazilian twist. As you can see, my marketplace partner Michael is powerful comfortable sitting in one of them.

10. Lacquered finishes. The glistening finish on Tissot’s curvaceous Tulipa Dresser includes all of the way to the drawer pulls, which makes it an eye-catching piece for an entryway, living room or bedroom. The adjoining seats are the Revival Dining Chairs with an clear back option.

What’s your favorite trend? Are you really going to High Point this year?

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Kitchen of the Week: Sarah's Vintage-Inspired Function of Love

Any kind of remodel or renovation is a challenge. Designing, budgeting and executing that which can be exhausting its own, as is hoping to reside in your home when its under construction. For Sarah Kravits, this stress was compounded when she had been diagnosed with breast cancer in the center of her renovation. “Frankly, the renovation supplied a excellent distraction to both of us,” states Kravits, who lives in Northern New Jersey. Kravits recruited the help of family and friends to complete her dream kitchen. Her husband acted as a general contractor, and the contractor, contractor, electrician, and painter were all buddies, too. “They were terrific, and very respectful of what I had been going through,” she states.

After a few months, the renovation was complete, and Kravits’s kitchen was everything she wanted it to be. “I couldn’t even tell you what I love the most in this kitchen,” she states. Inspired by the history of her home and her loved ones, this kitchen is significant to her and her loved ones for a lot of reasons, and is a real work of love.

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For Kravits, the biggest priority was optimizing distance. Before the remodel, the kitchen had a space below the sink for storage, just two cabinets, two drawers.

The area was poorly organized, so Kravits enlisted the help of a friend and architect to redesign kitchen.

By emphasizing wide spaces between the stove and sink, and wall and island unit, the kitchen was simple to maneuver around in and felt much less cramped.

Cabinetry: Custom maple, painted Benjamin Moore Misted Fern
Pulls: Satin Nickel by Merit
Knobs: Satin Nickel from Colonial
Fridge: Samsung, French doorway

Kravits drew inspiration for her kitchen out of her two grandmothers, who invested much of their time in their kitchens. “I grew up a short drive away from among these, and being her only granddaughter, I had been in her kitchen beneath her tutelage all the time,” states Kravits. “Over the past several years, as I thought about what I wanted my kitchen to look like, I envisioned a place where all of the items in her kitchen could seem right at home” In fact, the kitchen table just past the pub is a classic piece from the 1930s from her mother’s childhood home.

Countertop: Soapstone
Range: 30″ Thermador
Sink: Apron front stainless steel
Faucet: Rohl
Lighting: Hudson Valley Lighting
Barstools: Crate & Barrel
Kitchen chairs: Crate & Barrel

Kravits was likewise inspired by the structure of her house itself. Her home was built from the mid-1920s, and creating a kitchen which will feel natural and recall the pre-WWII era was important for her.

She worked with her architect to take design cues in the home’s original molding, flooring and trim. Even old colors of paint revealed by stripping trim and doors was considered from the kitchen design.

“We had additional storage to help us manage the stuff that comes out of nowhere,” Kravits states. “We’re not naturally very good at managing clutter, so I needed places for everything to call home.”

Oven and Microwave: Thermador
Floors: Hickory, finished with Particular Walnut Minwax

Kravits added a simple shelving unit behind their basement doorway. Underneath, she added a slot for extra grocery bags.

The idea came to her if her and her husband were trying to figure out what to do with an embarrassing place right before the basement staircase. In the process of pulling the beadboard off, they noticed a couple inches of space between the board and the walls, that did not go all the way down to the floor.

“I was looking for a place to put all our paper bags, and the concept of a paper bag slot came for me,” she states.

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