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Design Dilemma: Tricky Attic Conversion

Do you have an idea how to help Houzz user design4meisnoteasy turn her loft into a comfortable, well-organized bedroom? The Houzz Questions section has been buzzing with activity on the subject. Click here to see the original question and join the discussion!

Houzz Design Dilemmas

“I have no clue where to begin because the slanted walls are intimidating,” states design4meisnoteasy. “It doesn’t have large walls or ceilings that are high. It is just a bit in between.”

Houzz Design Dilemmas

She’s expecting to utilize the space as an additional bedroom. Can you help her develop ways to work with the angled walls?

Houzz Design Dilemmas

Click here to visit the original query, find out what others are saying and then discuss your ideas.

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